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I wasn’t able to join the parade yesterday, but am reminded of this story Tom Byrne told me long ago.

Tom Byrne, a flute teaching local legend, emigrated from Ireland to Cleveland in 1948 to join family already come over. He came into Terminal Tower on the train, to catch a bus out to his family on the east side. He was nervous, excited, hopeful and scared.

He walked onto the square and the world had gone mad. Streamers, confetti, a parade, tens of thousands were on the street singing, hugging, cheering, and he thought, “Wow! What a country, to welcome a poor farm boy to their world.” He thought the celebration was given for everyone. He didn’t know that the Indians had won the World Series the day before.

Johnny Coyne Tom Scott Al OLeary Tom McCaffrey Tom Byrne courtesy Jim CoynePic Des:
Johnny Coyne, Tom Scott, Al OLeary, Tom McCaffrey, Tom Byrne. Pic courtesy Jim Coyne

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