Update on book

Well, finally the galleys arrived yesterday.  You think when you send in the final submission, that it is as perfect as you can make it.  Then, 6 weeks later, you get the galleys and find a bunch of things; errors on my part and errors on the printers part.  So I sent the corrected galleys back in today.  The printer will make the corrections and then send me a final (hopefully) proof.  One that comes back, then the book will be printed.  Still shooting for April 7th release date but it is getting close.

Say a prayer!


Great Music coming to Cleveland

Week of St. Patrick’s Day:

Tuesday –
Grada @ the WSIA

Wednesday –
Whole Shebang @ Stampers
Barleycorn @ Brendan O’Neills

Thursday –
Barleycorn @ Rockcliff
Brigid’s Cross @ Casey’s Bar (LKWD)
Hothouse Flowers @ House of Blues
Francis Quinn @ The Harp
Friday –
Saw Doctors @ the Agora
Barleycorn @ Nightown (2 shows, 5:00 & 8:00)
The Boys from Co. Hell @ The Harp
Saturday –
Gaelic Storm @ Peabody’s Down Under
Barleycorn – Survivors Party @ The Public House
Pitch The Peat @ The Harp

New Additions to the Festival Lineup

Hi All Cleveland’s Irish Cultural Festival Fans,

We have added a few wonderful new acts to the festival lineup. David Munnelly Band, direct from Ireland, will be appearing at the festival for the first time. If you didn’t see them at the House of Blues a few months back, you are in for a treat. Traditional? Yes. Energetic – most definitely. You can read more about this fantastic group, getting world-wide notice and awards, at the festival website www.clevelandirish.org, where a writeup is included on the ‘Entertainers” then “Pics” links. Make sure you catch them at the festival.

Others making first time appearances, or the first in many years, inlcude: Quagmyre, Young Dubliners, Jimmy Carton, Eileen Ivers & Immigrant Soul, Gaelic Storm and Pete Kelly Ceili Band, to date. A few suprises are still in the works, as well.

Hope to see you there,


Internet celebrates 15th Birthday

Did you know that the internet celebrates its 15th Birthday this year? Despite Al Gore’s claim that he founded the Internet, it was actually founded by Tim Berbers-Lee, initially as a way to organize his own files, then expanded to organize and link all files, worldwide.

Happy Birthday!


Great Prodigals show last night

Hi All,

The Prodigals show at the Grog Shop was a fantastic night. The boys sounded better than ever, mixing old favorites and new songs from the Momentum album. Gregory even climbed up on the bar to play (and gave me a coupla kicks in the back, for fun). I don’t know what it is, but he always insists on giving me Jamisons – it’s a rough life.

great to see lisa n and kathie l there, adam and declan, cathy and bob. declan sure has done a great job with parnell’s – expanding it and keeping it a definite hot spot for great fun.

Looking forward to the Prodigals next show in Cleveland, it never fails to be a pulse raising, laughter filled night.


My Favorite lines

Books show me places, people, things, ideas that I could never have imagined without them. How else would I know of the America, or the Ireland, of long ago? Know of my ancestors, what they struggled with, and how I became what I am, thru them and what they became, thru living?

The Long Journey Home

Well, after almost two years and dozens of interviews, meetings, meals and edits, the book is finally completed. Festival Legends: Songs & Stories is in the printing stage now, and will be out in the next few weeks. The book started out as one, but has now expanded to three books. The second, Festival Legends: Trads & Ceilis is under way and features such wonderful performers as Mick Moloney, Cherish the Ladies, Liz Carroll and more. That will be followed by book three in the series, Festival Legends: The Balladeers, which includes Paddy Reilly, Dermot Henry, Foster & Allen and many more.

I would love to hear your thoughts on who else should be included and why.

Thanks for reading me ol’ blog.

Derek McCormack Tribute

Friends and fans of Irish music mourned the death this year of legendary singer and entertainer Derek McCormack. Derek took ill suddenly while performing on an Irish Festival Caribbean Cruise and died on January 30, 2004 at age 51. Cleveland’s Irish Cultural Festival Cleveland hosted Derek for many years, and over those years he became one of our most beloved performers, so it is with great sadness that we share the news of his death with his many festival fans.Derek played both bass and guitar throughout his professional career, which began in the 1960’s. He performed with Dermot O’Brien for twelve years, touring extensively around the globe and appearing on myriad TV shows. By age thirty he had joined the internationally renown group, Barleycorn. Regularly touring the U.S., Canada, Australia, and England, Derek became the voice behind many of Barleycorn’s most popular recordings, including,”Song for Ireland,” “Cavan Girl,” “Carrickfergus,” “Roisin,” and many more.

When Barleycorn disbanded in 1995, Derek pursued his solo career while at once performing and recording with Nickelodeon, and later with The Fureys. Among his solo releases, was a wonderful CD collection of his favorite songs.

The sound of Derek’s voice sifting through the trees of the Old German Grounds was a hallmark of the festival’s early years, and one that will long echo in the memories of Clevelanders. Both the festival and Derek’s appeal grew together, and our eventual move to the larger Berea Fairgrounds allowed Derek to connect with an even broader audience, who were inevitably drawn in by both the beauty of his rich tenor voice and the warmth of his personality.

A special “limited edition” collection of Derek’s best songs has been compiled on a new CD entitled, “Derek McCormack… A Lifetime of Music.” Note: Though Cleveland’s Irish Cultural Festival has Sold Out of the Derek McCormack Tribute CD’s, copies may still be obtained from Casey’s Irish Imports: 19626 Center Ridge Road in Rocky River, Ohio 44116. 440-333-8383 Thanks for your support.

Derek McCormack left his mark on Irish music and on his many fans. We will not soon forget the depth of his voice, nor the depth of his heart. A “true gentleman,” Derek is loved and missed for the decency, kindness, and sincerity that marked his every encounter with friends and fans.

We extend our deepest sympathies to his wife Bernadette of Drogheda, Co. Louth and to his family. May his soul rest with the angels.