Big Bang! A Story from this month’s issue of the Ohio Irish American News

Editor’s Corner:

Talk about ending summer with a bang! Cleveland Irish Cultural Festival then the Midwest GAA Championships left me feeling immersed, both in the ancient feeling that being Irish graces upon us all, and in a new feeling of vibrancy and sustainability for the events I love with all my heart. Cleanup is as urgent; I was sorry to have to Miss Dublin Irish Fest, but heard it was a blast.


The big bang was festifying and the Fields of Glory, in all its glory, under stern but legacy’s approving eyes. This generation leaves judgments checked at the door, not care about your sex or sexual preference, your race or your religion, your health or your hipness; they all hold the same position in my heart – irrelevant. What is relevant, is what you accomplish – it is the only criteria that matters.

Within, there is a bit of history with Mike Finn’s Illuminations: The Battle of Yellow Ford and Anne Waters’ 100th Commemoration, a bit of sports with Fields of Glory and the coming Gaelic sports U.S. National Championship, plus David McDonnell’s Our Irish Man on the Street’s World Cup Preview; a bit of humor and mental health with Dick Lardie’s Living with Lardie, Maureen Ginley’s Growing up Irish and Sue Mangan’s committing to living as a child in Blowin In’; mental tests in Linda Burke’s Pubs Around Ireland Puzzle and Irish language Cleveland’s monthly Speaking Irish lesson; and mental madness as Festival Focus features 3 big fests to come this month in Pittsburgh, Muskegon and Kansas City – all festivals going and growing strong.

Terry Kenneally’s Off the Shelf book review and September Out & About Ohio’s music and cultural celebrations are highlighted throughout this issue.  I write an Inner View on what it is like to put on a festival and Francis McGarry writes on Cleveland Immigration.

Vibrancy is Mecca. Not only is there new energy and direction in the festival and the sports, notice the new strength in the paper? XX pages is following the consecutive streak started in January of ’14, of each issue being or tying a record sized issue for us.  Your commitment to the OhIAN, with active support speaking thousand fold over the very much appreciated words alone, by advertising with us, has allowed us to grow so significantly in the last 21 months.  Thank you; words are not enough, but Thank you.



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