A Letter from the Editor: August issue of the Ohio Irish American News is out.

“I walked the hills, when rain was falling. Heard a stranger call me friend. Every time, my mind was troubled, found a smile, around the bend.” … Tommy Makem

We have been shouting out the good news of the GAA Finals coming to Cleveland this Labor Day Weekend. 111 teams from across the US, Canada and the Cayman Islands are coming to compete in Gaelic Football, Hurling and Camogie. More than 2,000 athletes, and their families and friends, are coming to play and share the wealth. I remember as a small boy my dad taking me to the Nationals in Boston, and in LA. A new generation is taking their sons and daughters to Cleveland. Our cover is but a singular moment of the action.
Now, before the next issue hits, it will be upon us. From sunup to sundown Friday thru Sunday, action, adventure and suspense will play out on the fields of glory. Don’t miss a minute.

August cover

Can you imagine what our grandfathers and mothers leaving Ireland, often under duress, would think to know that generations later, the games of their youth and their heroes would follow them, into their new digs? Schedules, music, and more details are at www.gaacleveland.com.

Ohio Irish American News ~ Official Media Partner of the 2013 Gaelic Athletic Association North American Championships
Ohio Irish American News ~ Official Media Partner of the 2013 Gaelic Athletic Association North American Championships

We’re 1/2 way thought the summer; did we live it well? Festivals and fundraisers filled July. Like generations before us, we pay it forward in laying a lifetime of links, connections and memories for the young ones and a lifeline for help for any that calls our name. Opportunities abound to create those memories and to lend a helping hand. Some are within these pages too; take a look about, and lead a purpose driven August.

Other things you will see within:
Stories on, Illuminations: The Snail & Irish History; Rachel Gaffney ‘s Real Ireland Titanic Cesar Salad Dressing; A Letter from Ireland, Mark Owens Sports reports on the upcoming GAA games, Festival Songs Crossword Puzzle; Ireland Past & Present, The Dunamore Workhouse; Book Reviews; Blowin’ In: Castles & Pirate Queens; The 9-1-1- Garden of Remembrance in Ringfinnan, Kinsale, Co. Cork; Terry from Derry’s Puttin on the Glitz; On this Day in Irish History and more.

Hope to see you at the Dublin Irish Fest, where I am presenting “The Irish American Journey” at 3:00 Saturday in the Spoken Word Tent. It is a mostly true tale in poem and lyric of the immigration path so many walked, to avoid The Great Hunger, for opportunity, for freedom, and to America, which welcomed them with open arms. I will be signing my books all weekend long as well. Please stop by, and share your story with me.


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Congrats to Brigid’s Cross’ Richie Reece and his wife Christine on the birth of their first child, Emma, on July 7th.

Congratulations to my partner, Ohio Irish American News Co Founder and Co Publisher, Cliff Carlson, who got engaged to Chicago and Ohio Irish American News’ webmaster, graphic artist, problem solver and amazing photographer, Cathy Curry, July 12th. THANK God, she said yes!


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