Northern Ohio Rose of Tralee Competition

Deadline for the Northern Ohio Rose of Tralee Application submissions has been extended to April 15 ~ If you know a young Northern Ohio Irish-America woman, age 17-27, who would be a good candidate, send them this info – it will be the experience of a lifetime for them!

29th Annual Cleveland Irish Cultural Festival

4 months and a day ’till the 29th Annual Cleveland Irish Cultural Festival – check it out 26 bands 9 stages FUNfunFun.

29th Annual Cleveland Irish Cultural Festival
July 22-24, 2011
Cuyahoga County Fairgrounds

Lineup to Date:
Brigid’s Cross Michael Crawley
Cherish the Ladies Mickey Finns
Dennis Doyle New Barleycorn
Dermot Henry Patrick O’Sullivan
Eileen Ivers & Immigrant Soul Screaming Orphans
Girsa Seven Nations
Glenghary Bhoys Slide
High Kings Stephen’s Green
Kilroys Tommy Fleming
Kreellers Turn the Corner

Pipe Bands Irish Sports Hall
Dance Schools Abbey Theatre
Tir Na nOg Children’s Area Food Court
Gaelic Football, Hurling and Rugby tournament
More than 50 Irish Craft, gift and import vendors
Internationally recognized Cultural Hall
Workshops, Presentations & More

Inner View: Ciarán Sheehan

Inner View: The Gift of Voice, the Gift of Destiny
By John O’Brien, Jr.

On March 11th, Broadway star Ciarán Sheehan will join the Cleveland Pops in “Dublin to Broadway”, live at Severance Hall. With a long legacy of vocal excellence and achievement, Ciarán’s show will be a highlight of the St. Patrick’s season.

Ciarán (pronounced in the old Gaelic way of “ Kier Han”, rather than Kier in) performed the role of The Phantom in over 1,000 shows in two and a half years on Broadway and in Toronto. He has also performed at Carnegie Hall several times and at The National Concert Hall in Dublin. His music is breath taking – one of those rare talents that allows you to just close your eyes and lose yourself in the gorgeous voice that is his instrument. He is a storyteller, and his song, and story, will capture your heart.

“When the Cleveland Pops called and asked if wanted to do show,” said Ciarán, “I could only say, ‘Absolutely.’ March 11 is my sister’s birthday. It is so much fun to perform with an orchestra. Even when performing a Broadway show, the string section is in a keyboard. The orchestra for Phantom of the Opera was seventeen players.

“It is cost prohibitive to have a full orchestra, but it is a lot of fun to perform with one. I am so excited about being able to perform with The Pops. Performing with an orchestra is a different animal, you can really let loose. It brings out the best in a voice.

“Broadway shows are so heavily miked, those with classical training, with a big voice, don’t get to really let loose. The intent is to be intimate, but you can’t let loose.

“Tenors, violinists, vocalists and composers were rampant in our family. Mom’s older sister is a cloistered Carmelite nun in Knock, Co. Mayo. She was called ‘The Girl with the Golden Voice’. Producers courted her when she was young but she became a nun.

“When I was young, I used to sing the song “Happy Days Are Here Again,” over and over. I loved to sing, but there was not much thought about it being a career. I traveled a lot as a kid. I wanted to run away from home and join the Vienna Boys Choir; you get to travel around the world and sing, what could be better than that?”

The spiritual side of Ciarán comes out in his music and in his conversation. He is always seeking – musically, spiritually, emotionally. Ciarán is personable and genuine, and has a story of inspiration and hope that must be shared.

“In high school, I played in a rock band. I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with my life. I was living a bit of a madman’s life, playing in clubs. I was dating a girl who was taking acting classes, so I took to that. I stopped singing for about ten years.

“I was nearly killed in a car wreck. Our lives are so fast. I spent so much of it in fear and anger. I wasted that time. After that accident, and a lot of soul-searching, I met a teacher, Harold Prince, who was a mentor to me. Under his guidance, a couple of months later, I was on Broadway. Three months after that, I was in Les Mis.

“Gabe and I [Ciarán is often accompanied by Gabriel Donaghue] have been doing these presentations, healing presentations. I find music to be so healing for people, in such a profound way emotionally. During these, we use sound and music for healing. It is really rewarding to watch people transform over a weekend.

“Selling out Carnegie Hall was great. But to have people come up to you, to tell you, ‘You helped me heal, you helped me get better’ – it is so fulfilling. It’s tragic to see people go through their life waiting for retirement. To affect people, that significantly, to help them heal, that you altered their lives; people who were hurting and were struggling to free themselves of pain and be able to get on with their lives, to learn, to become aware that there is so much more to life; it is so fulfilling.

There have always been great stories in our songs and in our music. The glories and appeal of the ballad tradition, of any culture, is well documented – you can’t hide a well-written story.

“It is such an eclectic mix of songs that I like to sing,” said Ciarán. “It is such a pleasure to sing some of the classics, like Rogers & Hammerstein, to really let go. Two if my favorites singers are Jimi Hendrix and Bob Dylan. I enjoy the ballad stuff more than the traditional tenor songs.

“It is not just singing the notes, they have such great stories, stories that have meaning to me. I love Zeppelin, ACDC; really top of the range. That also helps me with my performances; the extra work on high range makes the lower stuff look easy.

“It is so important to really appreciate the audience’s participation – every performance is an exchange with the audience. That is why I didn’t like acting in soap operas; there is no give & take with the audience. It doesn’t really matter what the music is; it is about the sharing. I am greatly connected to the trad and song tradition.”
One last story: Ciarán was with Rory Makem one day. They got to talking about where their families were from. Ciarán told Rory that his granduncle, Captain Jack Sheehan, was killed in the war of 1921,while delaying a British patrol of Black & Tans to allow six men to escape. Rory realized that two of the half dozen men Ciarán’s granduncle helped to escape were Rory’s grandfather and granduncle, both named Shanahan. Mary Shanahan married Tommy Makem.

Ahh, you couldn’t make up a story better than that; stories of pride and sacrifice, beautiful stories surprising and bittersweet – sounds just like a great Irish song. For more of them, sung in a way that will take your breath away, join Ciarán and the Cleveland Pops in From Dublin to Broadway on March 11th at Severance Hall. For more, see or

Inner View To Kil the Irishman Author Rick Porrello

Inner View: Rick Porrello: To Kill the Irishman: The War that Crippled the Mafia
1998, 2010 Next Hat Press 216 pages, + 32 pages of pictures.
By John O’Brien, Jr.

On March 11, the movie, Kill the Irishman will open in Cleveland. Inspired by Lyndhurst Police Chief Rick Porrello’s, To Kill the Irishman, the book, and the movie to a lesser degree, tell the story of the mob in Cleveland and the case that broke the back of the mob from Cleveland to Pittsburgh, New York to Kansas City.

Chief’s book was updated and rereleased for the movie’s release. I sat for an interview with him for this issue and the movies release. The subject of the mob and how the Danny Greene case spun out of control for the mob was amazing to hear, from the Chief’s insider’s perspective. I was also struck by the number of parallels between the Italian culture I was learning about and the Irish culture I grew up immersed in. Our neighborhoods were so similar in modis operandi.

Overlay the events and beliefs Chief expresses here with those of the Irish community; the values and struggles could be either culture, either nationality. Porrello talked of the sense of family, how important it is. The culture; food, he loves to cook, to read about the culture of Sicily; what the people there had to endure; all the other countries that invaded that island; how they came to America. “My generation may be the last one who appreciates that,” he said. Echoes of Irish to the core.

It was that interest in family that drove Chief to learning and writing about his heritage and some of the pieces parts that shape his life, past and present.

I know many of our readers are history buffs. Seeing how things evolved, how celebrities were a regular part of Cleveland city life in a generation only once removed, is an interesting part of Cleveland’s past, and the stories from those times are oftentimes surprising; the details that marked history often lost in the passing of time. We have forgotten how big a place Cleveland held in American society.

“In 1930, two uncles were killed by mob,” said Porrelo. “In ’32, my grandfather and uncle were killed by the mob. As I got older, curiosity caught up to me.”

Rick’s research led to finding that his grandfather and uncles were involved in the early mafia; that led to the first book, The Rise and Fall of the Cleveland Mafia: Corn Sugar and Blood, which came out in 1995. “It took me nine years to write and publish that book. I vowed I would never do it again. But once I held that book in my hands, well… There is no feeling like it.

“I’m the kid who wanted who always wanted to become a cop. My defining moment for that was when I got a police radio as a kid. I could hear the action. The seed was planted when I was thirteen or fourteen years old. I had a cousin who became a cop in Cleveland Heights.

“I come from a musical family. My brother was a drummer for Sammy Davis, Jr. When he left the band, they auditioned me. It was 1981. I did it for two and a half years, but my heart was always on being a cop.

“I was on top of the world, traveling internationally, hanging with the Rat Pack. My father was not pleased with my direction, when I had achieved such success at that age (Rick was twenty-one when he left the Sammy Davis Jr. Band).

“I came home, went to Lakeland Community College and got my degree. I was working as a store detective at May Company at the time, working gigs on weekends. Persistence got what I really wanted, to be a cop.

“I started as a cop in Mayfield Village in 1986. In January 1988, I became a Lyndhurst patrolman, then a field-training officer, loved it; loved working the streets, investigations. The best part of the job is being able to be there when people really need the police. I worked in my spare time writing, playing gigs a couple of times a week.

“One day, my partner said, ‘Why don’t you write about Danny Greene?’ I said, ‘No, this is my family; it is almost like a signal. I have to write about this.’ I wanted to tell the story of my family. I felt the story HAD to be told. It was fascinating to me. It is the story of how the mob came to Cleveland. There wasn’t any reason why I couldn’t write it [myself].

“Then, after that story was told, I could look at Greene. Greene’s Irish heritage, he feared no man, kind of a warrior. I wanted to write about that. In understood the connections to family, pride, band of brothers.

“No one goes after the mob, except law enforcement, but he did. It was unheard of to take out such high level guys. What is remarkable about the story is the cooperation among law enforcement and partners; the witnesses that came forward; the damage that was done; the investigation that was sparked by the murder of Danny Greene. Prior to that, we didn’t see many cooperating law enforcement agencies; see the take down of ranking mob figures.”

This is the story of Danny Greene, but it is also the story of how police procedures and successes drastically changed, cooperation and progress multiplied, and for the first time, the code of silence, the safety in the clan, cracked. High-ranking mob members cracked, and the foundation of the mob, of how the mob actually worked, was displayed in gritty, illuminating detail for those tasked with stopping them.

Solving the Danny Greene murder case mindset was to solve the murder only, but then so many other threads were revealed, threads that had never been connected before. For the first time, Federal indictments, for murder, for drugs, racketeering, were a possibility. The doors were opened, and the doors were supported by actual evidence, not just educated guesses without supporting testimony. For the first time, omerta, the code of silence for the mafia, was broken.

“The mob had no idea the murder of Danny Greene could unravel the mob,” said Porrello. “Ray Ferritto got arrested in Erie. The papers for the getaway/bomb car were found with him. But the mob saw him as disposable; they weren’t worried. Omerta has always insured silence.”

But then Ferritto said, “I made a deal to take care of myself.” He didn’t have a bible inspired, save my soul moment; it was to take care of himself, and the charges he faced. The one governing rule that has insured the mob’s success and lack of prosecution, omerta, was no more.

Said Porrello, “The Danny Greene case proved US Marshal’s WITSEC could work [that cooperating witnesses could be protected], that so many agencies could work together successfully. The Bomb Squad, FBI, CPD, SIU, all worked together. The camaraderie that developed among law enforcement, they became like a family.

“2009 was a big year for me. I became Chief of Police, Lyndhurst in June, the movie started in the spring. I hope the movie does well. My involvement in the movie has been minimal. It is by necessity. I don’t have the time to get involved. I have an Exec Producer credit, but the producer has control.

“The movie is true to the essence of the book. It was inspired by it rather than based on it. The variances will not affect the essence of the story. I wanted to film it here, but it didn’t work out. I continue my writing when I have time. I am working on a book about Shondra Burns now, his history. It has been a long time since a movie opened here [in Cleveland].

March Issue: From the Editor

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, and the start of March’s Irish Heritage Month. The green season is at the forefront of this issue, with many stories on or around St. Patrick’s in the US and in Ireland. We didn’t forget the man himself; see inside for stories on the reason for this season, Ireland’s patron saint. Yes, St. Patrick was a man; so if you must shorten it, please replace your Patty with Paddy.
The events throughout Ohio are diverse and capture the essence of the Irish in music, dance, history and hope. Our regular columnists are back and our newest, Attorney Michael O’Shea, who is taking over our Legal Ease column, has joined columnists Sean McCabe and Terry Doyle, who joined us last month. Yes, we keep growing, thanks to your active support. New advertisers give us the freedom to expand, please encourage those in position to advertise to do so. We have many ideas and features just waiting for the space to showcase.
As I compiled the issue, I couldn’t believe the shear volume of music, dances, masses, parades and other special events coming up this year. We are in recovery and inch by inch, row by row, we make this garden grow. It took a little over four hours to edit all the submissions for events into a usable form for publication this month. We are truly a blessed Diaspora, spread all over the world, but only a song or a prayer apart.
With so much going on, we can’t come close to covering it all. Please send us your photos and stories from the season, we’d like a sneak peak at how you celebrate ( Don’t forget our new website, which is really filling up with new content, favorites and resources; we will add your fun and games to share with all too; check it out
There is a new movie coming out, opening in Cleveland March 11th and generating a bit of controversy. Kill the Irishman is inspired by Lyndhurst Police Chief Rick Porrello’s To Kill the Irishman, on Cleveland mob figure Danny Greene. The movie’s promo’s portray Green as a hero.
The real points of celebration from Chief’s book are the tremendous strides law enforcement made in breaking the mafia in Cleveland, Pittsburgh, New York and Kansas City as a direct result of the Danny Greene murder investigation. For the first time, omerta, the mob code of silence, was broken and major figures in the mob fell. The ripples were felt coast to coast.
The movie stars Ray Stephenson, Val Kilmer, Christopher Walken, Paul Sorvino, Vincent D’Onofrio, Fionnula Flanagan and many more you will recognize. I interviewed Chief Porrello about the book and the history of the mob in Cleveland. Check it out on page XX. Pick up his newly released trade paperback edition and see the movie to judge for yourself. The Cleveland history; the whys, whos and hows, are compelling and surprising.
Enjoy Irish History Month, and learn a bit of Irish history while you’re at it. God willing, spring is just around the corner and is book-ended with the festivals not long after.
Hope to see you Out & About,

Are Your Ready to Roll? March Out & About Ohio Events

Out & About Ohio – March 2011

Akron – Hibernian Connection Radio Program 2nd Annual FUNdraiser !
5th – Music by Callahan & O’Connor special guests. Food, prizes, give-aways, raffles & fun. 6:30 p.m.2000 Brown St, Akron 44319. All proceeds support listener funded Hibernian Connection Radio 91.3 FM, Sundays 1pm. Online
Akron – Rhythms of Ireland: An Evening of Irish Music & Dance
12th – Featuring the O’Hare Irish Dancers, Pat Flynn, Green Blossom Special, The Shaffer Sisters. Dinner @ 5:30, show @ 7:30. Show to benefit O’Hare Dancers competing at World and All-Ireland Championships. Ann Amer Brenan Theatre @ Our Lady of the Elms High School. 1375 W. Exchange St. Akron, 44313 330.209.5692

Bellville – Celtic Music Concert
26th – 7:30 pm featuring Silver Arm. All Souls Unitarian Universalist Church 25 Church Street, Bellville. 419-522-5058

Cincinnati – Irish Heritage Center
12th – Doors open at 3, Music dance, food & More, 18th – Tommy Sands in Concert. Library by appointment/ Genealogy for members. Tea Room by reservation. Irish Language Classes, Tuesdays 7:00 / Irish History Classes, Thursdays 6:30 P.M./ Saturday Art Classes / Children’s Saturday, Adult Tuesday Irish Dance Classes. Irish Heritage Center 3905 Eastern Avenue 513.533.0100,

Cleveland – Flanagan’s Wake is Back!
Every Friday & Saturday @ 8 pm. Kennedy’s Down Under at State Theatre in Playhouse Square. Join the villagers of the beautiful fictional village of Grapplin, County Sligo, Ireland, as they tell tales, sing songs & mourn the passing of one of their own, Flanagan. You’ll be transported to the Emerald Isle to grieve as only the Irish can.
Cleveland – Cleveland Pops at Severance Hall
11th – Dublin to Broadway with Irish singing sensation Ciarán Sheehan and the Cleveland Pops! for event/season tickets.
Cleveland – St. Augustine Health Campus 40th Anniversary
March 4th – St. Augustine’s is celebrating 40 years of service to the chronically ill and aging with a special Top O The Towers Benefit Night 5:30 – 9:00 pm at LaCentre Conference & Banquet Facility, Westlake. Music by The New Barleycorn. $50 p/person includes: variety of hors d’ oeuvres, Beer, wine, raffles, silent & live auction (Grand Prize a 1 week Hawaiian vacation w/ airfare on Continental AND a 1 week stay in Cong, Co. Mayo, Ireland). Register online at or call 216-939-7602
Cleveland -The Harp
2nd – Lonesome Stars, 4th – Walking Cane, 5th – The Porter Sharks, 9th – $100.00 Trio, 11th – The Boys from Co. Hell, 12th – The Boys from Co. Hell, 17th – The Boys from Co. Hell, 18th – The Porter Sharks, 19th – Fior Gael, 23rd – $100.00 Trio, 25 Brent Kirby, 26th – Chris Allen, 30th – Lonesome Stars. 4408 Detroit Road, 44113
Cleveland – Stone Mad
17th – Open 10am Irish Menu all day / Live music all day. 18th – The Boys from County Hell 4pm. Live music in the Pub every Sunday 7 pm. / Traditional Irish Session 1st Sunday of ea/month, Cocktail Hour Menu – Happy Hour Monday – Friday 4pm – 7pm. NEW MENU.
Cleveland – Flat Iron Café
4th – Jimmy-O, 11th – Bald Paul’s Irish Blues Band, 17th – Donal O’Shaughnessy 12pm-?, 25th – Kristine Jackson. 1114 Center Street, Cleveland 44113-2406 216. 696.6968.
Cleveland – Treehouse
820 College Avenue, Cleveland, 44113

Logan Wells @PJ McIntyre’s 3/24
Cleveland – PJ McIntyre’s
4th – 400 Pieces, 5th – – Marys Lane, 11th – –Morrison Hotel,12th – The Kreellers, 16th – St. Practice Day, 17th – Doors open @ 7 am. FREE T-Shirts 1st 100 ppl. “The Really Big Show” here 9 – 1 AM. Rizzo & Goldhammer, WKNR 850. Mary’s Lane ALL DAY. Pipers, Dancers, Giveaways & More! Irish Breakfast. St, Baldrick’s Foundation Benefit in the am. 18th – That 980’s Band, 19th – Velvetshake, 24th – Logan Wells, 26th- Carlos Jones. NEW MENU OUT! 17119 Lorain Avenue, 44111

Cleveland – West Park Station
4th – Trailer Park Ninjas 10pm, 5th – Quarters Tournament, 8th- Fat Tuesday Party, 9th – Ash Wednesday All You Can Eat Fish Fry, 11th – Porcelain Bus Drivers 10pm, 12th – Drunk Betty 10pm, 17th – St. Patrick’s Day Party Open 7am, 18th – Dueling Pianos 6-8pm & DJ Ice Cold 10pm, 19th – UFC 128 & DJ, 24th – HH Jack Rohm 6pm, 25th – Faction 10pm, 26th – Tricky Dick 10pm, 30th – Karaoke Challenge Finals 10pm , TUESDAY – ROLL CALL- drink specials 4 Police, Fire, Military, Nurses & EMT. Win FREE Party the 1stTuesday of following month w/ most co-workers from your House/Unit/ Station! Thursday – Ladies Night w/ DJ Destro! Wednesday -Station Karaoke Challenge! Sunday – Magic Man Paul Gallagher from 6-8pm 17015 Lorain Avenue Cleveland 44111 (216) 476-2000.

Cleveland /Olmsted Twp -West Side Irish American Club
5th – Carmel Quinn in Concert, 12th – Claddagh Ball, 16th – Boxty & Sausage 6 p.m., 17th – Mass at St. Colman’s 10:30, Food & Music at the club after the parade. Fish Fry every Friday. Food & Music in The Pub every Friday nite, 8 p.m. 4th – Loch Erie, 11th – Folktic, 18th – Emerald Heart, 25th – Michael Crawley, 4/1 – Bald Paul’s Irish Blues Band. Marching Practice for St. Patrick’s Day every Sunday. WSIA Club 8559 Jennings Rd. 44138 440-235-5868.

Cleveland / Medina – Sully’s
4th – Mossy Moran, 5th – The New Barleycorn, 11th _ Marys Lane, 12th – The Kreellers, 17th – Scully 7pm, 18th – The Craic Brothers, 25th – Music Men, 26th – The Wood Brothers. Every Tuesday 6 – 8pm Magician Paul Gallagher performs tableside.117 West Liberty Medina, 44256

Cleveland / Lakewood – Sullivan’s Irish Restaurant & Pub
5th– Mossy Moran, 11th – New Barleycorn. 13368 Madison Ave. Lakewood, 44107
Cleveland / Lakewood – Beck Center for the Arts
3rd – Kids Club, 3rd – 6th – Youth Theater Into the Woods Mackey Main Stage, 4th -27th – Jerry Springer: The Opera Studio Theater, 10th – Hear & Touch the Music featuring Bagpipes, 19th – Super Saturdays, 31st – Early Childhood ABC 17801 Detroit Avenue Lakewood 44107 (216) 521-2540 (216) 529-8969

Cleveland / Mentor – Hooley House
5th – Open Jukebox, 8th – Fat Tuesday party, 11th – Nick Zuber, 12th – Open Jukebox, 16th – St. Patrick’s Eve Party with Brigid’s Cross (midnight toast n everything!), 17th – Brigid’s Cross. Every Tuesday – Open Mic w Nick Zuber, Every Wednesday – Trivia Night. 7861 Reynolds Rd Mentor (440) 942-6611.
Cleveland / Willoughby – Mullarkey’s
5th – Kevin McCarthy, 12th – Terriers, 17th – Dan McCoy (1 – 5 & 8 – close), 19th – Dan McCoy, 26th – West Side Steve, Karoke Wednesdays. Thursday Ladies Night w/ D.J. 4110 Erie Street
Cleveland / Willoughby – Croagh Patrick’s
3rd – Michael Crawley, 5th – One More Pint “Mustache Party”, 6th – “Danny Boy” Singing Contest, 8th – The Biggest Irish Trad Session in Cleveland @ The Reek, 10th – Mossy Moran, 11th – Guinness Girls, 12th – Rock, Paper, Scissors Contest w/DJ John Sponsored by Guinness ($10 includes T-shirt), 13th – The Terriers “Irish Coffee Night”, 14th – Scully “Black Bush Night”, 15th – Donal O’Shaughnessy “Harp/Guinness”, 16th – Plaid Sabbath “Tully Dew Night”, 17th – Kegs-N-Eggs at 7am *Start your day with an Irish Prayer by Fr. Ron *Irish Music All Day *The Black Sheep Bagpipe & Drum Unit *Irish Toast every Hour by Kevin *”Danny Boy” Winner sings a tune *Guinness, Harp, Smithwick’s, Black Bush Girls *T-Shirt Give-aways *Be here early for free Beads n more! *Be Proud and wear Green!!! 4857 Robinhood Drive Willoughby, 44094 (440) 946-8250.

Cleveland / Avon Lake – Ahern Banquet Center
Ahern Banquet Center is booking weddings and special events. Call Tony Ahern / Lucy Balser @ 440-933-9500. 726 Avon Belden Rd, Avon Lake 44012.
Cleveland / Avon Lake – Irish Heritage Club
17th – St. Patrick’s Day Party, Pipe & Drum Band, Dancers, Irish Mike DJ, food & more. Pot Luck Mondays / Taco Tuesdays / Friday Happy Hour. 726 Avon Belden Rd. (440) 933-3413.

Cleveland / Euclid – Irish American Club East Side
PUB 7:30 – 10:30: 4th – Lisa Spicer, 6th – Mossy Moran 6-9, 11th – Mary Agnes Kennedy, 13th – Morrison & McCarthy 6-9, 18th – Wally Franz, 25th – Bald Paul’s Irish Blues Band
UPPER HALL: 5th – Guinness and Harp Night I Mickey Finns @ 8:00 $10, 12th – Guinness & Harp Night II w/ The Boys from the County Hell 8:00 $10, IACES 22770 Lake Shore Blvd. Euclid, 44123. 216.731.4003
Cleveland / Euclid – Paddy’s Pour House
17th – St Patrick’s Day Party, serving Corn Beef Sandwiches and FUN ALL DAY
922 East 222nd Street, Euclid,44123216.289.2569

Columbus – Shamrock Club Events
3rd – Bardic Circle; 5th – Drowsy Lads 6th – General Meeting; 7th – Irishman of the Year Party @ Byrne’s Pub; 8th – Euchre; 11th – Fish Fry/Mossy; 13th –General Meeting; 17th – St. Patrick’s Day Celebration!; 18th – Fish Fry; 25th – Fish Fry; 26th – Quiz Night
Open on Mondays with adult Irish Dance lessons and Co-Ed Darts! Happy Hour every Friday from 5-7pm! 60 W. Castle Rd. Columbus 43207 614-491-4449
Columbus – Byrne’s Pub
5th – Knot Fibb’n, 6th – Brigid’s Cross, 7th – Irishman of the Year Party w/ the Hooligans, 12th – The Ladies of Longford, 14th – Tommy Sands, 16th – The Mickey Finns, 17th – Knot Fibb’n, Nine Castle Close, the Drowsy Lads, 18th – Survivors Party w/ the Hooligans, 26th – The Prodigals 1248 West 3rd Avenue 43212

Columbus – The Claddagh – Polaris Parkway
2nd – Mossy Moran, 4th – Hat Trick, 5th – Hawc and the Few, 10th – The Darryl Gatlin Show, 11th – Mogan & Hankins, 12th – FinTan, 16th – Mossy Moran, 17th Mogan & Hankins, Mossy Moran, Staples, Darryl Gatlin Show, 19th – Hat Trick, 25th – Mossy Moran, 26th – Ray Fuller.8745 Sancus Blvd. Columbus 43240 (614) 885-0100
Columbus Chamber Offering Trip to Ireland Tour

3/22-30 – The guided tour features Limerick, Killarney, Waterford and Dublin, and will depart from Port Columbus. The trip is designed to be hassle-free for travelers and is provided as a service by Chamber Explorations. The go>explore trip will allow attendees to explore Irish treasures, places of import and the beauty of Ireland. For more information, Jay Scott, Columbus Chamber 614.225.6901 or
Columbus – Daughters of Erin Breakfast
13th – Daughters of Erin Irish Breakfast. 8 – 12:30. St Mary School 700 S. Third Street Columbus 43206. $5/presale, $7/door, $3/kids 614.578.0441

Pittsburgh – NEW EVENT – Shamrockin’ Pittsburgh™ at Stage AE
12th – right after Pittsburgh’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade,11:00am until Midnight! Irish &Celtic bands, food and marketplace! Rain or shine with this new, indoor/outdoor facility, between Heinz Field & PNC Park, 400 North Shore Drive, Pittsburgh 15212

High Kings Hit Ohio
4th – Cincinnati, Music Hall Ballroom,, 5th – Columbus Capital Theatre,, 6th – Cleveland Grog Shop,

Ongoing Traditional Irish Sessiúns – Bring your instruments and play along!
Akron Hibernian’s Ceili Band Sessions, Wednesdays 7:30 pm. The Akron AOH Mark Heffernan Div 2 Hall 2000 Brown St , Akron , Ohio 330-724-2083. Beginner to intermediate
Croagh Patrick’s – 2nd Tuesday of every month from 8 to 10pm
Bardic Circle at The Shamrock Club of Columbus Beginner-friendly, intermediate-level Irish session meeting every other Thursdays from 8:00 pm -11:00 pm
Claddagh Irish Pub, Legacy Village, Lyndhurst 6 pm 13th – Forsythe Special, 20th – The Terriers.
Wooster Street Center, 1124 E. Wooster St., Bowling Green, OH -2nd & 4th Monday, 7:00 to 8:00
Blarney Pub* – Toledo, 1st Saturday of the month 5-8 pm.