Prodigals, Seven Nations, Lost State of Franklin and Eileen Ivers

The Ohio Irish American News is working hard to bring you the very best in Irish music/events/concerts/presentaitons/classes and more.  If folks support them, we can continue to do that. Hope you will join us at:

Prodigals New CD Release Party: Whiskey Asylum, and Concert at Beachland Wednesday Nov. 26th.
Seven Nations, opening act is Lost State of Franklin, Beachland Ballroom, Saturday Dec. 6th.
Eileen Ivers & Immigrant Soul, with the Cleveland Orchestra at Severance Hall – Dec. 18th & 19th.

Hope you can make it, please send to your lists and tell your friends!

and Thanks for all your support.


John O’Brien

Great Dayton and Columbus Events

Claddagh Irish Pub

(Front Street, Columbus)

is having a party!


The Columbus Crew

Championship Game

Sunday November 23rd @ 3:30

Drink and Food Specials

Come Cheer on The Crew as they fight for the Championship!


Dayton’s The Dublin Pub will celebrate our timely tradition of throwing a HUGE PRE-THANKSGIVING party on Wednesday November 26th  with…….
VELVET CRUSH  9pm till 1am


Don’t forget about two big Celtic Music events in the next three weeks.
SEVEN NATIONS, Friday Dec.5 with Father Son, & Friends Friday Dec. 12th – THE SANTA PUB CRAWL.  This event is now up to 150ppl and growing.  It is a fundraiser where 150 people dress in Santa outfits or some other XMAS cheer, and bring a toy for $10 to be given to The Montgomery County Children’s Services.  If you would like to participate, here is the evite:
Happy Thanksgiving to All

Thanksgiving Eve – with The Prodigals, and their new CD

The Ohio Irish American News is partnering with Beachland Ballroom to present The Prodigals – with the release of their new CD, Whiskey Asylum.  Hope you can join us Wednesday, November 26th, Thanksgiving Eve!

Enter the Haggis at Beachland Tomorrow!

Hope you will join us in the 1st of 3 concerts we are co-sponsoring with the Beachland Ballroom.  Enter the Haggis, Celtic Rock band, from Toronto, starts promptly at 8.  Hope to see you there.


Wow, amazing history, and poem

Death at Rouge Bouquet

from J. Michael Finn

On February 27, 1918, the 165th Regiment of the 42nd Rainbow Division (New York Fighting 69th) arrived for duty in the trenches in the Rouge Bouquet sector in France.
On March 7 at Rouge Bouquet, the enemy began an artillery barrage of the American trenches. One shell landed on the roof of a dugout in which 1st Lieutenant John Norman and 21 men of E Company were assembled.

The men were buried under mud, dirt and beams. Major William “Wild Bill” Donovan rushed to rescue the trapped men. He jumped into the hole and began digging. Two men were rescued and five bodies recovered. The voices of other survivors including Lieutenant Norman could be heard from the dugout. After hours of intense rescue efforts under heavy enemy artillery fire, the rescue had to be halted. The bodies of fifteen soldiers, including Lieutenant Norman’s still remained in the dugout. Father Francis Patrick Duffy, the Senior Chaplain of the 42nd Division, conducted Last Rights and the regiment placed a tablet naming the dead at the dugout.

Catholic poet and member of the 165th Regiment, Alfred Joyce Kilmer, wrote the great poem Rouge Bouquet to memorialize the men who died. The poem was read aloud by Father Duffy for the first time that St. Patrick’s Day. Sergeant Patrick Stokes stood near Father Duffy and played “Taps” before the last lines of each verse.  Major Donovan was awarded the French medal Croix de Guerre for his actions during the incident at Rouge Bouquet.

In commemoration of Veterans Day and the 90th Anniversary of th end of World War I, the following is Kilmer’s poem:

Rouge Bouquet

By: Alfred Joyce Kilmer

In a wood they call Rouge Bouquet
There is a new-made grave today,
Built by never a spade nor pick
Yet covered with earth 10 meters thick.
There lie many fighting men,
Dead in their youthful prime,
Never to laugh nor love again
Nor taste the Summertime.
For Death came flying through the air
And stopped his flight at the dugout stair,
Touched his prey and left them there,
Clay to clay.
He hid their bodies stealthily
In the soil of the land they fought to free
And fled away.
Now over the grave abrupt and clear
Three volleys ring;
And perhaps their brave young spirits hear
The bugles sing:
“Go to sleep!
Go to sleep!
Slumber well where the shell screamed and fell.
Let your rifles rest on the muddy floor,
You will not need them any more.
Danger’s past;
Now at last,
Go to sleep!”

There is on earth no worthier grave
To hold the bodies of the brave
Than this place of pain and pride
Where they nobly fought and nobly died.
Never fear but in the skies
Saints and angels stand
Smiling with their holy eyes
On this new-come band.
St. Michael’s sword darts through the air
and touches the aureole on his hair
As he sees them stand saluting there,
His stalwart sons:
And Patrick, Brigid, Columkill
Rejoice that in veins of warriors still
The Gael’s blood runs.
And up to Heaven’s doorway floats,
From the wood called Rouge Bouquet,
A delicate cloud of bugle notes
That softly say:
Comrades true, born anew, peace to you!
Your souls shall be where the heroes are
And your memory shine like the morning-star.
Brave and dear,
Shield us here.

The Vacant Chair – Happy Anniversary Baby

The Vacant Chair

by John O'Brien, Jr.

I asked her if she could go home or did she have to stay out all night

She looked at me kind of funny, then her laughter peeled with delight

My heart broke in two and today I still freeze the moment

But a terrible devil had been born, it’s destruction bent to foment

We saw no sign.  We were young, without a care

Now I sit alone at the table, ‘cross from the vacant chair

We struck up a friendship, there was nothing more at first

Yet every time we separated, I felt an unquenchable thirst

Friends grew to lovers, in body and the spirit

We finally faced our fate, time precious to hear it.

We found each others joys, she loved the teddy bear

And she nearly keeled right over, when I built the vacant chair

She was beautiful, she was gorgeous.  The kindness that I saw

How she left me after the night, and always in constant awe

I was never so happy, we traveled and we laughed

We danced and we sang, she was a master at her craft

I wrote while she painted, her skill extraordinaire

Poems and fond memories, engraved deep in the vacant chair

We never had such happiness, each was wide with wonder

That kindred souls found each other, amidst the din and the thunder

No children had we, tho’ in the thought we’d often revel

For the sickness had already started, the bastard of the devil

Waiting, throwing up, more chemo left to bear

And when the pain got too bad, I widened out her chair

Time slipped away, but the devil wouldn’t let go

The drugs and the treatments – rained blow upon blow

She fought it so valiantly, she cried that we might part

Then I learned that it was winning and a knife ripped apart my heart

I did all that I could, she loved when I washed her hair

Damn you devil, Damn the empty, vacant chair

Day after day, yet her smile was still bright,

When I’d walk in the room, see her body there so white

She was home now, in her own home, peaceful here at last

We planned out her funeral, and remembered about the past

The pain and the fashion, were more than I could bear

For one last night I held her close, as we sat in the vacant chair

I asked her if she must go home or could she stay out all night

She looked at me kind of funny, then laughed with remembered delight

My heart broke in two and I can still freeze the moment

But the terrible devil had won, death’s taking it did foment

We were frozen in time, lost, without a care

Now I sit alone at the table, ‘cross from the vacant chair

The time it goes so slowly, the moment’s hard to wait

This that brought such delight, now I’ve started to hate

How can it sit empty, when I am still sitting here

How can the crying stop, when every single thing brings a tear.

I miss you love, we were a once-in-a-lifetime pair

So I search out the polish.  Lovingly, I caress the vacant chair

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New Seven Nations Show Added

New Show Added!

November & December: The Ohio Irish American News and

Beachland Ballroom Presents:

November 12th Enter the Haggis

November 26th – The Prodigals

December 6th – Seven Nations

The Ohio Irish American News is proud to team with Beachland Ballroom to bring fantastic Celtic music to Cleveland in November and December.

Toronto’s Enter the Haggis is a rockin’ band diversely influenced by seminal groups ranging from the Chieftains to Elvis Costello, unwavering in their social commentary, yet appealing to the mass Celtic music enthusiasts in a way all their own.

New York’s The Prodigal’s need no introduction to Cleveland fans.  The original Jig-punk sound that is called “indelibly Irish”.  Their following only grows with each new concert, festival and CD.

Florida’s Seven Nations also has a huge Cleveland following, and are featured performers at Cleveland Irish Cultural Festival nine years straight.  Always a great show.

We are proud to team with the ground breaking Beachland Ballroom to bring some of the very best in Celtic Rock to Cleveland.  Hope to see you there!

The Beachland Ballroom is located at 15711 Waterloo Road,  just off I90 and East 185th  Street, in Cleveland, OH. 44110.

December: The Ohio Irish American News and

The Cleveland Orchestra Presents:

Eileen Ivers & Immigrant Soul’s An Nollaig (An Irish Christmas)

TWO Shows – December 18th & 19th

The Ohio Irish American News is partnering with The Cleveland Orchestra and Severance Hall to Present Eileen Ivers and Immigrant Soul, An Nollaig (An Irish Christmas) at Severance Hall, December 18th & 19th.  See  for details and tickets.  Sure to be a sell-out.

November Events Across Ohio

Out & About Ohio – November


New Ireland Blog

The Cleveland Plain Dealer’s Mosaic Ireland, in association with the International Community Council and has started a new blog all about Ireland – news, history, blurb, events, issues and discussion. Please visit often and contribute whenever you have something to say – Let mainstream papers know the Irish are active and involved in Cleveland! The blog is written by Ohio Irish American News Associate Publisher John O’Brien, Jr.

Barleycorn Gigs &
Pitch the Peat Gigs News
Brigid’s Cross Gigs & News
13th –  Claddagh Irish Pub/Newport, KY
15th  & 16th – Buckeye Bus Trip
20th – Claddagh Irish Pub/Lyndhurst, OH
21st – Claddagh Irish Pub/Columbus, OH (Polaris) –  BEAT MICHIGAN PARTY
26th – TBA

Mossy Moran Gigs & News
Portersharks Gigs and News Drowsy Lads Gigs & News
1st – Byrnes Pub, Columbus
8th – Claddagh Pub, Front St., Columbus
20th – Barley’s Brew Pub
12/6 – Sully’s Pub, Medina
The Prodigals Gigs & News
15th – Byrne’s Pub, Columbus
26th – Thanks Giving Eve – Beachland Ballroom

2009 Irish History Writing Contest –  The National Ladies Ancient Order of Hibernians (LAOH) announces the 2009 Irish History Writing Contest. Open to all children in grade levels 6-12.  Topics: Grades 6 – 8: From Ireland to the Kentucky Derby- the History of Irish Influence on Horse Races (between 500 and 1000 words) and grades 9 – 12: The Celtic Tiger, What Is It? (between 750 and 1500 words). For more detailed contest rules please contact LAOH Annie Moore Div. 2, attention: Historian, 753 N. Main St, Akron, OH 44310. 330-434-1916, email: or

“Christmas Time in Ireland” and it’s all star cast, staring Tony Kenny; Ireland’s Premier Entertainer and star of Jury’s Cabaret for more than twenty years, Kathy Durkin; Ireland’s Queen of County music, Richie Hayes; the leprechaun of song and comedy, plus  The Dublin City Dancers.
This spectacular show will be performed at The Maumee Indoor Theater, Maumee, Ohio, Thursday December 17th @ 7:30. Admission tickets $25 each, reserved seats.  Contact John Connolly @ 419-382-1505 or  Seating capacity is 500, first come, first served.
Toledo‘s Frogtown Storytellers for a Night of Tales
8th – Irish storyteller, Mike Mazur, (with roots in County Mayo, Ireland and more recent ones in Cleveland, Ohio) will join the Toledo Frogtown Storytelling Guild in the worldwide storytelling event Tellabration 2008!, at the Maumee Indoor Theater. This annual worldwide event celebrates the grand art of storytelling  –  sharing funny, sad, scary, real and imagined stories loved  by people around the world.   This special evening of stories for grown ups will begin at 7:00pm.  Tickets are $10.00.

Toledo – Christmas Show w/ Brigid’s Cross
12/2 – St. Clement’s Community Center. Call Matt Cassidy 419.699.8392 for tickets/info

 Columbus – Byrnes Pub
1st – Drowsy Lads
8th – Derek Warfield and the Young Wolftones
15th – The Prodigals
22nd – Mossy Moran
29th – Ladies of Longford

Medina – Sully’s
1st –  Irish Blues Band
8th –   Scot Acan
14th – The New Barleycorn
15th –  Jim Gill
21st –  Mossy Moran
22nd – Fergie and the Bog Dogs
26th –  The Island Doctor
Sully’s has Sessions on the 1st  & 3rd Sunday’s of the Month, from 7pm -9pm

Flat Iron Café
7th – Joe & J 8pm-12am
14th – Cats On Holiday 7pm-11pm
21st – Jimmy-O
28th  & 29th – Donal O’Shaughnessey

Olmsted Twp – West Side Irish American Club
Food and FREE Concerts in The Pub, every Friday from 6:30 – 11:00
7th – Boxty & Irish Sausage Night in the Pub
9th – LOST STATE OF FRANKLIN BAND (nominated for Scene Magazine’s Best Singer/Songwriter Award. They play tunes from the 50″s on up. Admission $6.00 at door. Food will be available Dance Time: 3 p.m – 7 p.m. 216-251-4075.
16th – “25 DRIVE” Dinner and Games $10.  Kathleen Egan @ 440-327-8196
22nd – Ohio State vs. Michigan Tailgate Party. Pub Grub Available.
27th – Annual Thanksgiving Mass and Raffle
29th  – Jimmy Carton in concert. 8 p.m. Members $12 Non-Members $15. Horsd’oeuvres included. For info call 215-251-4075.
12/9 – Andy Cooney Concert and Dinner. Members $30/NonMembers $35.  Always a sell out, for reservations call 216-251-0711.
West Side Irish American Club 8559 Jennings Rd. 44138

Cleveland -The Harp
1- Pitch the Peat
5- Lonesome Stars
7- Walking Cane
8- Chris Allen
12- $100.00 Trio
14-The Porter Sharks
15- Pitch the Peat
9-Lonesome Stars
21- Kristine Jackson
22- Chris Allen
26- $100.00 Trio
28- Jack Fords
29- Cats on Holiday

Lakewood – Sullivan’s
Sullivan’s Irish Pub, known for great food and great atmosphere, and a 16 foot high wood burning fireplace!  The place to be!
6th – The New Barleycorn
26th – Annual Thanksgiving Eve Party
15th – City of Lakewood Mayor’s Ball
7:00 to 11:00 p.m. Beck Center for the Arts
Enjoy an evening of fun and entertainment, hosted by Lakewood Mayor Ed Fitzgerald and his staff to benefit the Beck Center for the Arts. For an invitation to this event, please contact Holly Lauch, Assistant to the Mayor, at or 216-529-6602.

 Willoughby – Mick’s Pub
8th – Dave Ritz
22nd – Kegs-N-Eggs @ 7:30am Michigan vs. Ohio St.
26th – DJ John McSkulny

Willoughby – Mullarkey’s

1st – Kevin McCarthy
8th – Porter Sharks
15th – Dan McCoy
22nd – Pitch the Peat
29th – TBA

 Cleveland – West Park Station
1st – Magic Johnsons 6-9
7th – Jim Miller band 6-10
14th –  Etiquette 5:30-9
15th – Funkology 5-8
29th – Tye Dye Harvest

Cleveland – PJ McIntyre’s

* PJ’s is now an official Cleveland Browns Backers Bar!  Come watch all Browns games for your chance to win a trip to Vegas – weekly raffle, food and drink specials during all games!
1st – charlie in the box
5th –  monthly pub quiz hosted by mike d
7th – disco inferno
8th – joe and jay
9th – Derek Warfiled & the Young Wolfetones, 8pm,  $10 at the door.
13th – Matt & Shannon Heaton (Boston Trad duo) No Cover
14th – carlos jones and his reggae band
15th –  zoo station( u2 cover band)
19th – The Rat Pack Show – (FRANK, DEAN & SAMMY).   Dinner & a Show, only $39.95 (Includes your choice of Steak, Salmon or Chicken, Sides AND Show Dinner  &-8, Show 8 – 10.
21st – The Magpies
22nd Reality Band
26th – Thanksgiving Eve – 400 Pieces
27th Mossy Moran
29th – Lawless (Country band)
Avon Lake –  Irish Heritage Club

23rd – Irish Heritage Center Craft Fair. 726 Avon Belden Rd, (Rt. 83), Avon Lake
10:00 am – 4:00 pm Over 80 Crafters FREE Admission For more Info call 440-933-6803


Dayton – AOH & LAOH Events

JFK Division 1 / Ladies Ancient Order of Hibernians, Mary of the Gael, Division 1 & Member Organizations.  * The new Men’s Division website is
1st – “Celtic New Year”, 7 p.m. at the Czechoslovakian Club, 922 Valley Street, Dayton, Ohio.  Contact Sheila Russell  937-433-7164 /
6th – “First Friday Ceili Parties”.  7:00 to 8:30 p.m.  Info: Shelagh McGovern 937-830-0655 /
7th – The AOH Card Night, 8:00 p.m..  Info: Charley Bolton
14th – An Irish Music Hall Session, 8:00 to 11 p.m. at the AOH Hall. Info: Kevin Graham 937-864-2641
14th – AOH Reverse Raffle, 7 p.m. at the Columbian Hall located at 4704 Burkhardt Road, Dayton, Ohio.  Tickets – $50.00 per couple – covers food and drink for the evening.  Only 200 tickets will be sold.  Info: Steve Smith 937-252-8738

21st – AOH Social Hour, 8:00 p.m., AOH Hall.  Info: John Hickey

Ongoing Traditional Irish Sessions – Bring your instruments and play along!
            Great Lakes Brewing Co – First Monday of Every month in the Beer Cellar, 6-9 PM.  (Tends to be intermediate to advanced players)

            Cleveland WSIA Club, Jennings Rd, Olmsted Twp – 1st Saturdays of the Month in Pub BEGINNERS AND KIDS WELCOME!  Usually 2-5pm, call to verify time. (440) 235-5868  website:

            Old Angle Tavern, W. 25th  Street in Cleveland – Thursday nights at 8PM

Bardic Circle at The Shamrock Club of Columbus  Beginner-friendly, intermediate-level Irish session meeting every other Thursdays from 8:00 pm -11:00 pm 2008 session dates: Nov 6, Nov 20, Dec 4, Dec 18.

            Sully’s 117 W Liberty, Medina  – Sessions on the 1st  & 3rd Sunday’s of the Month, from 7pm -9pm

            Bowling Green Common Space* – 437 South Main, Bowling Green. SLOW SESSIONS – so folks can learn tunes.  2nd & 4th Monday of each month, 7:00 to 8:00

            Blarney Pub* – 1st  Saturday of the month in Toledo, 5-8pm.
Grounds For Thought* – 174 S. Main Street, Bowling Green. 2nd Sunday of the month, 1-4pm at. October through May or June.

*Mary Dennis or Bob Midden 419-352-8050 or