Danny Doyle Needs Our Help

Balladeer Danny Doyle has been struggling with medical issues that do not allow him to sing or play guitar. Because of this, he has been unable to work and has canceled all is 2007 and 2008 bookings. A benefit event to help him through this rough time has been organized at the Four Green Fields Pub, 3412 Connecticut Avenue NW., Washington, D.C. 20008 (202) 244-0860. Seamus Kennedy, Christy Hughes, Saint Brendan’s Fair Isle, Liam Maguire, Daniel Flaherty and many more will take the stage in support of Danny, one of Ireland’s premier balladeers, who scored great hits with The Dutchman, Waltzing Matilda, Whiskey on a Sunday, Step it Out Mary, Leaving Nancy. The Rare Ould Times and the list goes on and on. Danny has been a fixture at festivals across the United States and Ireland, Australia and Europe, including Ohio’s own Cleveland Irish Cultural Festival, where he has played more than a dozen times.

If you are able to help out one of Ireland’s true treasures, please send your donation, made out to Danny Doyle, to 10836 Moore Drive, Manasses, VA. 20111-2925. He has given us many hits, many wonderful memories, please help out, and say thanks, if you can.