Are You Single?
by John O’Brien

In the sounds of silence, urgency cries
on deaf ears crescendos crash
tendrils of your perfume scratch my heart
drawing blood, a bloody draw.

alone in a crowded room
divorced halves the test pool
and the band played on
deaf brings peace
… and  the loneliness
of the never asked to be
a confirmed bachelor

WOW! What a group

I got to see the just released new DVD of ANUNA, shot at Trinity Lutheran Church in Cleveland last January.  The group was known as being the original band for Riverdance, but have moved way beyond that now.  They are in the midst of a 41 city US tour, including stops in Cleveland, Cinci, Columbus, Pittsburgh and Indy.  We will be featuring them heavily in the September and October issues of the Ohio Irish American News, but mark the date, this is something you do not want to miss.

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Celtic Origins
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My Patterns:

My Patterns:
by John O’Brien, Jr.

My patterns, my soul
like my Grandfather before me?
I don’t know those paternal and maternal roots of my tree
each was snuffed by the deadly, unaimed wheel
A missile guided by booze
cutoff in mid-bloom

I am my father
and my mother.
The never met expectations and negativity
the laughter and openness
spirituality and generosity binding all

My father never took a drink
Nor his father before him, nor hers

Like too many of the Irish
stereotypes aside
booze did them in
hemispheres apart
despite their best intentions

Leave your Tommy Makem memories here

Tommy Makem.jpgTommy Makem passed away one month ago today. I really had a hard time meeting the requests for comments and perspective about him, in the days that followed. How do you do justice to someone of that caliber, that character, in a few lines? I talked of his impact, his efforts, songwriting, presentations and so much more, depending on who was asking for the quote or the audience it was intended for. Even for the Ohio Irish American News, with more room and more time, I struggled to do him justice. In the50 years in music proclamation given at Cleve Irish Cult Fest.jpg paper I included excerpts from Festival Legends Song & Stories, from Tommy’s chapter, a poem I had written about the more than 400 songs Tommy has written, and a brief prose bit. But it felt so inadequate. As expected, Tommy’s funeral was massive and the tributes heartfelt and eloquent.

Tommy Makem Liam Tiernan and Luke Kelly.jpgStill, the man was so much larger than life, and broader than any picture could paint. Maybe time will do Tommy justice, because, right now, I still cannot.

God Bless The Bard

Tommy at Derek McCormack Tribute at Cleve Irish Cult Fest.JPG

Please feel free to leave any comments, memories, stories about Tommy here. I’m sure others would like to hear them too.