Irish Activities in Cleveland – April

Brigid’s Cross:

Apr 1 2006 9:00P
Apr 8 2006 9:00P
Apr 15 2006 9:00P
Apr 22 2006 9:00P
Apr 27 2006 9:00P
Apr 29 2006 9:00P

March 27th – April 4th – in St. Thomas,
April 6th – Stamper’s Grill Pub

Brace Yourself Bridget:

April 22nd Stamper’s Grill Pub

Mossy Moran:
Thu. April 20th Stampers

Sat. April 22nd The Harp

Morris & McCarthy

May 4th Stampers

Pitch the Peat:

Sat., 29th The Harp

The Harp Restaurant and Pub


Sat 1-Stokes Brothers

5-bar flies

7-walking cane

Sat 8-mike st. jude & the valentines

12-$100 trio

14-cats on holiday

Sat 15-bolo deluxe

19-bar flies

21-jim miller band

Sat 22-mossy

26-$100 trio

28-mike st.jude & the valentine

Sat 29-pitch the peat

Stamper’s Grill Pub

3/30 – The Outside Jakes

3/31 – Charlie in the Box

4/1 – Sky’s the Limit

4/6 – The New Barleycorn

4/7 – Slant Zero

4/8 – Northern Lights

4/13 – Pompous A**

4/14 – Rock Shop

4/15 – Rewired

4/20 – Mossy Moran

4/21 – Cruisin’

4/22 – Brace Yourself Bridget

4/27 – Larry Kane Rockin’ Rythm

4/28 – Redline

4/29 – Shaunna Bolton

5/4 – McCarthy & Morrison

5/5 – Oasis

5/6 – Otis & the Shoreway Saints

5/11 – The New Barleycorn

5/12 – Rock Shop

5/13 – Cosmic Candy

5/18 – Mossy Moran

5/19 – Colin Dussault Blues Project

5/20 – Turn & Cough

5/25 – Stamper, Benson, and Custy

5/26 – Brace Yourself Bridget

5/27 – Sky’s the Limit

5/28 – Pre-Memorial Day Special Event

Where Everyone is:

The Harp – West 45th & Detroit, Cleveland

Stamper’s Grill Pub – West 217th & Lorain, Fairview Park

Performer Websites:

I will update this as I get more info. Thanks Jimmy and Karen, for sending me yours.

Enjoy our heritage, take your kids, we are one of the few cultures that has it readily available.

Rain is

Rain is
by John O’Brien, Jr.

Rain is as soft as silk
As soft as your skin
Working away the edges
Of mountains, of stress
While upping the levels of Rheumatoid induced pain

Rinsing away, adding a layer
It helps the hurt of my mind
But hurts the ache of my body
Picnics cancelled
As new grass is fueled, thirsty reservoirs replenished

Cleansing, as it dirties
Ending a drought so hot it shimmers
Flash flood
Possessions float on by, away
Pretty flowers snake and then burst above the compacted mulch

The death dealing
Life giving

Spring Forward – Only

Spring Forward Only

I smell spring in the air, in this mildest of winters

A new beginning, a new start, flowering

Of life – and lives – just waiting for their time to shine

Full of promise, experience, better parameters;

of happiness, success, meaning

The cleansing baptism of life, renewed, by choice.

Fine tuned to chase those elusive ideas of happiness and success.

New growing flowers have their own music, spirituality.

Their very sight lifts others, of the human variety.

Breathe deeply in, fragrancies; of life, hope,

new possibilities, fresh in life or in commitment

to live each day to its maximum promise.

For when the clock strikes midnight

we have exchanged one day of this life,

never to be recovered, or made up for,

for whatever fulfillment of that promise that we achieved.

On this day in History

March 16th, 1904 – 22 year old James Joyce awarded a Bronze medal at a singing competition in Dublin.  He thought so little of  the award that he threw the medal in to the River Liffey.

Irish Displays in City Hall

New Mayor Frank Jackson invited us to display some of our exhibits from Cleveland’s Irish Cultural Festival’s Celtic Heritage Hall in the Rotunda area of City Hall in honor of St. Patrick’s Day.  The displays Irish Immigrants to Cleveland, St. Brendan the Navigator, Folklore of Ireland, Religions of Ireland, Top 100 Irish-Americans and Who Really Discovered America were all put up in the Rotunda yesterday and today.  Stop by City Hall if you have the chance and take a look, they are on both levels (floor 1 and 2). The O’Hare School of Dance performed there yesterday as well.

We are adding to these exhibits all the time.  If you have anything you’d like to add to our cultural hall, the exhibits or want to get involved in helping us build the displays for 2006, please let me know.

Update on book

Well, finally the galleys arrived yesterday.  You think when you send in the final submission, that it is as perfect as you can make it.  Then, 6 weeks later, you get the galleys and find a bunch of things; errors on my part and errors on the printers part.  So I sent the corrected galleys back in today.  The printer will make the corrections and then send me a final (hopefully) proof.  One that comes back, then the book will be printed.  Still shooting for April 7th release date but it is getting close.

Say a prayer!


Great Music coming to Cleveland

Week of St. Patrick’s Day:

Tuesday –
Grada @ the WSIA

Wednesday –
Whole Shebang @ Stampers
Barleycorn @ Brendan O’Neills

Thursday –
Barleycorn @ Rockcliff
Brigid’s Cross @ Casey’s Bar (LKWD)
Hothouse Flowers @ House of Blues
Francis Quinn @ The Harp
Friday –
Saw Doctors @ the Agora
Barleycorn @ Nightown (2 shows, 5:00 & 8:00)
The Boys from Co. Hell @ The Harp
Saturday –
Gaelic Storm @ Peabody’s Down Under
Barleycorn – Survivors Party @ The Public House
Pitch The Peat @ The Harp

New Additions to the Festival Lineup

Hi All Cleveland’s Irish Cultural Festival Fans,

We have added a few wonderful new acts to the festival lineup. David Munnelly Band, direct from Ireland, will be appearing at the festival for the first time. If you didn’t see them at the House of Blues a few months back, you are in for a treat. Traditional? Yes. Energetic – most definitely. You can read more about this fantastic group, getting world-wide notice and awards, at the festival website, where a writeup is included on the ‘Entertainers” then “Pics” links. Make sure you catch them at the festival.

Others making first time appearances, or the first in many years, inlcude: Quagmyre, Young Dubliners, Jimmy Carton, Eileen Ivers & Immigrant Soul, Gaelic Storm and Pete Kelly Ceili Band, to date. A few suprises are still in the works, as well.

Hope to see you there,


Internet celebrates 15th Birthday

Did you know that the internet celebrates its 15th Birthday this year? Despite Al Gore’s claim that he founded the Internet, it was actually founded by Tim Berbers-Lee, initially as a way to organize his own files, then expanded to organize and link all files, worldwide.

Happy Birthday!