Editor’s Corner ~ We live in the shelter of each other

September 28th, 2014

Editor’s Corner

Ar sca’tha che’ile amhaireann na daoine
- We live in the shelter of each other.

We talk about paying it forward, maybe, maybe too much, tho they say, you can never have too much of a good thing. But a watered seed must grow. Singer Frances Black is known throughout the world for her gorgeous voice, and her music. But, her legacy is being written day by day, through her work as Founder and Executive Director of The Rise Foundation.

Frances Black

Frances Black

The RISE Foundation is a registered charity founded by Frances Black in 2009, focused on family members of those with addictive behavior. RISE (Recovery In a Safe Environment) is dedicated to helping family members to free themselves from the stress, anxiety and worry of having a loved one with addictive behavior, and to understand the nature of addiction and the profound effects it has on relationships.

I am proud to be a founding member and board member of Friends of Rise – Ireland, Inc. I look forward to following Frances’ lead, and, most of all, to offer a helping hand. We’re working to build another RISE Foundation Home in Ireland, and you can help. See the flyer within, and #openyourheart.

#openyourheart RISE Foundation

#openyourheart RISE Foundation

Cead Mile Failte – probably the Irish word or phrase I am most often asked to translate – it means 100,000 Welcomes – it is the beauty of a people, and the backbone of a whole tourism industry. But it doesn’t begin to explain or explore the beauty that is the Irish language. It is a tough language to master, but often the obstacle is merely lack of opportunity.

So, in that light, the Ohio Irish American News is proud to partner with Pj McIntyre’s and owner Pat Campbell to offer you the opportunity to learn the language of the Irish. Irish language classes start October 14th and run every Tuesday thru December 16 in PJ’s Bridgie Ned’s Irish Parlor Party Room.

Got Irish?  Wanna learn?

Got Irish? Wanna learn?

The flyer detailing the class is within, but for 10 weeks, we will struggle together, to speak as our Irish cousins do; with a lilt and laughter, the struggle becomes light. Classes start at 6:30 and go to about 8. The option of dinner at 5:30 for those willing, at your own expense, with a few guest speakers or fun add-ins at ours, will add to the experience.
Our goal is this Intro class for the fall, then a Next Level class for those who wish to continue, starting in January. With our friends Francis McGarry and the Irish American Club East Side, Inc, we hope to build an Irish speaking community in Cleveland over the next few years, and ever onward.

Sure it’s a tough road to hoe, so we better get started. To register, send a check for $120 to (and made out to): Ohio Irish American News 14615 Triskett Road, Cleveland, OH 44111-3123. Registrations MUST be in advance and are open only until the class is filled. We’ll pay it forward, with your help.

Give me your stories, give me your words; poets that I love and things that I have heard. Things we’ve forgotten, or maybe never knew; Ireland’s color, is really blue.

We keep growing, so we are delighted to lighten the load with a new columnist. Please welcome Richard Lardie (Living with Lardie). A little laughter and a load of wonder keep replenishing the endless riches we offer within. Submissions are welcome and we have the opportunity to become a columnist as well.

The summer has slipped away, tho the festival season was mighty. Gifts and giving, ice buckets and rain buckets, LeBron and Johnny Football, thoughts of fall, Thanksgiving and Christmas … it all fits.


Get Up; Show Up; Lift Up

“Follow me where I go, what I do and who I know;




Congratulations to Sean Lackey and the cast and crew of The Yank!! The Yank is an official 2014 selection of The FirstGlance Film Festivals (Hollywood, Philadelphia)! 
This is a significant milestone for The Yank as over 90% of feature films acquire distribution after screening at FirstGlance Film Fests!

Issue #94, October 2014

Issue #94, October 2014

Illuminations: The Republic of Ireland: A Story from this month’s issue of the Ohio Irish American News

September 23rd, 2014

Illuminations: The Republic of Ireland: A Story from this month’s issue of the Ohio Irish American News
By: J. Michael Finn

Establishing Ireland as a republic and separating the country from English rule was the goal of the 1916 Easter Rising. At the beginning of the Rising, the Irish Republic was proudly declared from the front of the General Post Office by Patrick H. Pearse, leader of the Rising. It would take another thirty-three years before republic status was achieved. This year we commemorate the 65th Anniversary of the Irish Republic.

The 1916 Rising was not successful, its leaders were executed and hopes of a republic were dashed. New leaders emerged from the ashes of the Rising, who attempted to bring about republic status. With the subsequent Irish War of Independence, republican hopes were again raised as the new leaders brought the British to the conference table. Although Michael Collins, the leader of the Irish delegation that negotiated the 1921 Anglo-Irish Treaty, saw it as a stepping-stone to an eventual republic, the ratification of the treaty began a bitter Civil War.

Under the Treaty, as the Irish Free State, Ireland achieved only Dominion status within the British Commonwealth, which left the Irish relatively free from direct interference, but the British monarch, as King of Ireland, continued to be the head of state. The 1921 Treaty also reinforced the separation of the six-county statelet of Northern Ireland, which remained connected to England under the 1800 Act of Union and the 1920 Government of Ireland Act.

Eamon de Valera, who had boycotted the Free State over the terms of the 1921 treaty, came back into the government in 1927. Upon becoming President of the Executive Council of the Free State in 1932 he began a process of systemically dismantling various parts of the 1922 Treaty (in his way, implementing the Michael Collins vision of stepping-stones).

By 1936 his systematic attempts to remove references to the British monarch from Irish constitutional law meant that the only functions remaining to the King were: 1) signing Letters of Credence accrediting Irish ambassadors to other states; and 2) signing international treaties on Ireland’s behalf.

In 1936 de Valara used the abdication of King Edward VIII as an opportunity to remove all explicit mention of the British monarch from the constitution of the Irish Free State. Soon after this he began the drafting of a new constitution for Ireland. This new constitution came into force on December 29, 1937 following a national vote held on July 1, 1937.

De Valera’s constitution recognized the entire island as Ireland (in Irish as Éire), intentionally choosing to ignore the separate status of Northern Ireland. The new constitution also added the position of President (in Irish, Uachtarán na hÉireann). This position replaced the old Governor-General, who was the resident representative of the Crown under the Free State.

During World War II, Ireland remained neutral and de Valera as Taoiseach held off the forces of the Allied Powers who pressured him to abandon his neutral status. In 1945 de Valera was asked if he intended to declare Ireland a republic. He replied “We are a republic.” After the war the status quo remained, with Ireland participating little in the British Commonwealth, and with de Valera still operating under the 1937 constitution.

The bill to declare Ireland a republic was introduced to the Irish Oireachtas (Legislature) in 1948 by the new Taoiseach John A. Costello of the Fine Gael party. Costello made the announcement that the bill was to be introduced when he was in Ottawa, Canada, during an official visit to that country.


Illuminations John A Costello
Historians have suggested that the announcement was a spur of the moment reaction to an offense caused by the Governor-General of Canada, Lord Alexander, who was of Northern Irish descent. Alexander allegedly placed Northern Irish symbols, notably a replica of the famous Roaring Meg cannon used in the Siege of Derry, before an insulted Costello at a state dinner.

In addition, Canada broke an agreement that there would be separate toasts for the King and for the President of Ireland. The Irish position was that a toast to the King would not include Ireland. At the dinner only a toast to the King was offered, to the fury of Costello and the Irish delegation. After the dinner Costello announced his plan to declare Ireland a republic.

The subsequent Irish legislation, the Republic of Ireland Act 1948 provided for the abolition of the last remaining functions of the King in relation to Ireland and provided that the President of Ireland may instead exercise these functions in the King’s place. When the bill was introduced by Costello, he said, “This Bill will end, and end forever, in a simple, clear and unequivocal way this country’s long and tragic association with the institution of the British Crown and will make it manifest beyond equivocation or subtlety that the national and international status of this country is that of an independent republic.” The bill was approved unanimously by the Oireachtas.

When the Act came into force on April 18, 1949 (Easter Monday, in commemoration of 1916), it effectively ended Ireland’s status as a British dominion. It also ended Ireland’s membership of the British Commonwealth of Nations. In response to the Irish action, the Ireland Act 1949 was passed by the British Parliament and was intended to deal with the consequences of the Republic of Ireland Act 1948 as passed by the Oireachtas.

The British act created outrage in Ireland because one of its provisions guaranteed that partition of the six counties would continue unless the Parliament of Northern Ireland chose otherwise. Because Northern Ireland had a unionist majority, this guaranteed that Northern Ireland would remain part of the UK unless the Belfast parliament resolved otherwise fastened the so-called “unionist veto” in British law (remember that partitioning was widely touted as only a “temporary” measure).

The Irish parliament called for a Protest Against Partition. This was the first and last cross-party declaration against partition by the Oireachtas. The revival of an Irish Republican Army in the early 1950s has been attributed to the strength of popular feeling among nationalists on both sides of the border against the Ireland Act. The Good Friday Agreement 1998 altered this act, and the dissolution of Northern Ireland is now linked to a vote of the people of Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

The Republic of Ireland became a member of the United Nations in December 1955, after previously being denied membership due to its neutral stance during the WWII.

While republic status for Ireland was a great achievement for all parties and a necessary move to separate it from the British crown, it left open the status of Northern Ireland. Subsequent agreements (the Downing Street Declarations and the Good Friday Agreement) have made progress to further defining the role of the 26-county Republic in the partitioning. The issue of the remaining 6-counties of Ireland has yet to be fully resolved. Unification of Ireland would be the next major and logical step in the process.

*J. Michael Finn is the Ohio State Historian for the Ancient Order of Hibernians and Division Historian for the Patrick Pearse Division in Columbus, Ohio. He is also Chairman of the Catholic Record Society for the Diocese of Columbus, Ohio. He writes on Irish and Irish-American history; Ohio history and Ohio Catholic history. You may contact him at FCoolavin@aol.com.

Issue #93; September 2014, featuring The Queen, and The High Kings

Issue #93; September 2014, featuring The Queen, and The High Kings

What’s going on? 23 Things to do this weekend

September 19th, 2014

What’s going on this Weekend: From your Ohio Irish American News

Friday 9/19

Collage The Hooley House – Brooklyn
PitchthePeat The Harp
Donal OShaughnessy Flat Iron Cafe
CraicBros Pj McIntyre’s
The New Barleycorn Flannery’s Pub
SomethingDada Beck Center for the Arts
Samantha Fitzpatrick Hooley House – Mentor
MattJohnsonFiasco The Hooley House – Westlake
Chris Allen JamNite Stampers Bar

Saturday 9/20

Loads of ½ Way parties, including:
Croagh Patricks The Twisted Paddy & Wild Goose Wlby w LiveMusic& TaxiBetweenthe3Bars / @ all 3 Hooley Houses and PJ McIntyres Irish Pub

Kristine Jackson @Stampers
FiorGael @TheHarp
AbbeyNormal @PjMcIntyre’s
LonesomeMeadows Logan’s Irish Pub
@NewBarleycorn @Flannery’s
DonalOIrish Songs – Donal O’Shaughnessy Sully’s Irish Pub
DanMcCoy John Mullarkey’s

Sunday 9/21

GAA All-Ireland: GaelicFootball @PjMcIntyres 8:15 Minors Championship Final KerryVsDonegal/ 10:30 am All-Ireland Sr Football Final KerryVsDonegal

BeckyBoyd Treehouse Bar
SomethingDada @BeckCenter

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Issue #93; September 2014, featuring The Queen, and The High Kings

Issue #93; September 2014, featuring The Queen, and The High Kings

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22 Things to do this weekend:

September 11th, 2014

I am off to perform at the mighty Michigan Irish Music Festival this weekend, so here’s a few things to check out while I’m gone:

22 Things going on this Weekend: From your Ohio Irish American News

Friday 9/12

@Walking @The Harp
@Kristine @Flat
BarFlies @Flann
One (U2TributeBand) @Sully
SchoolGirlCrush @HHM
LiveMusic&FoodinThePub @WSIA
UsualSuspects @HHW
EricButler @Mull
JukeboxHeroes @HHB
GeneralGuinnessband @TaraHall
ForeverPlaid @Beck

Saturday 9/13

HillbillyIdol @TheHarp
Annual OysterFestwBoysfromtheCoHell&BluegrassPlatterBand@Stone
@Walking @Flann
SomethingDadaComedy @Beck
1/2 WaytoSt.PatsCelebrationwNewBarleycorn @Sully

Sunday 9/14

@ChrisAllen @Tree
TradSession @Logans

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Issue #93; September 2014, featuring The Queen, and The High Kings

Issue #93; September 2014, featuring The Queen, and The High Kings

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23 Things to do this Weekend

September 4th, 2014

Going offline this weekend, so here are 23 things to see and do:
Let me know what I missed!

What’s going on this Weekend: From your Ohio Irish American News

Friday 9/5

House TunesPj McIntyre’s
Marys Lane Sully’s Irish Pub
NickZuber (patio 5pm) Collage The Hooley House – Brooklyn
Brigid’s Cross (patio 5pm) CocktailJohnny Hooley House – Mentor
JoeRollinPorter Flat Iron Cafe
TheHigbees Flannery’s Pub
Hooligans Shamrock Club Dart League
Full Set Logan’s Irish Pub
VelvetShake The Hooley House – Westlake
JamSammich John Mullarkey’s

Saturday 9/6

CarlosJones PJ McIntyres Irish Pub
PorterSharks The Harp
Brent Kirby @Flannerys
QuizNite @Shamrock Club
KevinMcCarthy @Mullarkey’s
SomethingDadaComedy Beck Center for the Arts

Sunday 9/7

GAA All-Ireland: Hurling P.J. McIntyre’s 8:15 Hurling Minors Championship Final Limerick vs Kilkenny / 10:30 am All-Ireland Sr Hurling Final Kilkenny vs Tipperary
AnnualClambake West Side Irish American Club

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Issue #93; September 2014, featuring The Queen, and The High Kings

Issue #93; September 2014, featuring The Queen, and The High Kings

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What’s Going on This Month ~ Stick it to the Fridge

September 1st, 2014

Out & About Ohio September 2014

Brooklyn – Hooley House!
5th – Brigid’s Cross patio – 5:00 / Cocktail Johnny, 12th – Jukebox Heroes, 19th – Collage, 20th – 1/2 Way to St Patrick’s Day Party, 26th – Carlos Jones. Live Music on the Patio Every Friday, 5p.m.! 10310 Cascade Crossing, Brooklyn 216-362-7700. 1FunPub.com

Cincinnati – Irish Heritage Center
Call for Irish Rugby Schedule Games Streamed in from Eire. Irish Teas/Library /Genealogy Detective/ all three by appointment. Irish Heritage Center 3905 Eastern Avenue 513.533.0100, www.irishcenterofcincinnati.com. Irish Heritage Center 3905 Eastern Avenue 513.533.0100, www.irishcenterofcincinnati.com.

ALL under Cleveland;
The Harp
3rd – Lonesome Stars, 6th – Porter Sharks, 10th – Chris & Tom, 12th – Walking Cane, 13th – Hillbilly Idol, 17th – Lonesome Star, 19th – Pitch the Peat, 20th – Fior Gael, 24th – Chris & Tom, 26th – Kristine Jackson, 27th – Becky Boyd. 4408 Detroit Road, 44113 www.the-harp.com

Stone Mad
7th – Holleran Traditional Irish Session, 13th – Annual Oyster Fest: Boys from County Hell / Bluegrass Platter Band / Oyster Shucking Contest, much much more! 28th – Chris Allen solo acoustic. Happy Hour Monday-Friday 4 to 7. 1306 West 65th Street Cleveland 44102 216-281-6500

Flat Iron Café
5th – Joe Rollin Porter, 12th – Kristine Jackson, 19th – Donal O’Shaughnessy, 26th – Bluegrass Platter. 1114 Center St. Cleveland 44113-2406 216. 696.6968. www.flatironcafe.com

7th – Top Hat Black, 14th – Chris Allen 21st – Becky Boyd, 28th –brokenENglish. 820 College Avenue, Cleveland, 44113 www.treehousecleveland.com

PJ McIntyre’s
New menu! New weekly specials! 3rd – monthly pub quiz by quiz 7pm. 5th – house tunes, 6th – carlos jones, 12th & 13th – ½ Way to St. Paddy’s Day Weekend and 7th Anniversary Party: 12th – barleycorn, 13th – , 19th – craic brothers, 20th – abby normal, 25th – Noel Lenaghan in Concert Bridge Ned’s Party Room, 26th – iced cherry (band debut), 27th – crazy chester. 21st -GAA Football Final!!! Check back for times, teams. Don’t Forget: T-Shirt Tues: wear any PJs T-Shirt get 15% off bill! Whiskey Wed: ½ off every whiskey in the house. Thurs – Craft Beer $2.50. NEW CRAFT BEER REFRIGERATOR. PJ McIntyre’s is a Local 10 Union establishment. Home of the Celtic Supporter’s Club and the GAA. Book all your parties & Events in our Bridgie Ned’s Irish Parlor Party Room. 17119 Lorain Road, 44111. www.pjmcintyres.com 216-941-9311.

West Park Station
‘Merican Mondays & Trivia Night 7pm. Tues: Roll Call-discounted drinks for all Fire, Police, Military & Med Professionals 9pm. Wed: Karaoke 10pm. Thur: Girl’s Night 10pm. Sun: SIN Night 9pm. 17015 Lorain Avenue Cleveland 44111 www.westparkstation.com. (216) 476-2000.

Flannery’s Pub
5th – The Higbees, 6th – Brent Kirby, 12th – The Bar Flies, 13th – Walking Cane, 19th & 20th – New Barleycorn, 26th – The Bar Flies, 27th – Kristine Jackson. 323 East Prospect, Cleveland 44115 216.781.7782 www.flannerys.com

Avon Lake
Ahern Banquet Center
Ahern Banquet Center is booking weddings and special events. Call Tony Ahern / Lucy Balser @ 440-933-9500. 726 Avon Belden Rd, Avon Lake 44012. www.aherncatering.com

Annual Pioneer Abstinence Association Mass w/ Fr. Pat Spicer
28th – 10:30 am Our Lady of Lourdes Shrine, 21281 Chardon Road.
Irish American Club East Side

12th -Celtic Union, 27th – Fall Irish Fest: 12 bands, Irish merchandise vendors, food, beverages. Noon-midnight, 5K race 9:00 am. IACES 22770 Lake Shore Blvd. Euclid, 44123. 216.731.4003 www.irishamericanclubeastside.org

Logan’s Irish Pub
5th – Full Set, 14th – Trad Session, 20th – Lonesome Meadow, 27th – Lone Raven. 414 South Main Street, Findlay 45840 419.420.3602 www.logansirishpubfindlay.com

Fullset: 5th - Logan’s Irish Pub

Fullset: 5th – Logan’s Irish Pub

Beck Center for the Arts
3rd – Fall Semester Begins, 6th, 13th, 20th, 27th – Something Dada Improv Comedy, 12th -14th, 19th – 21st, 26th – 28th – Forever Plaid, 18th – Babes in Arms – In Concert. 17801 Detroit Avenue Lakewood 44107 (216) 521-2540 www.beckcenter.org

Plank Road Tavern
Open Sessiún Every Thursday 7 – 10. $3 Guinness and Jamieson. 16719 Detroit Avenue, 44107

5th – Marys Lane, 6th – The Whiskey Sinners, 12th – One (U2 trib band), 13th – Half Way to St. Patrick’s Day Celebration! w/ New Barleycorn, 19th – Craic Brothers, 20th – Donal O’Shaughnessy, 26th- Noel Lenihan. 117 West Liberty Medina, 44256 www.sullysmedina.com

Noel Lenaghan 25th - @ PJ McIntyre’s, 26th - Sully's Irish Pub

Noel Lenaghan 25th – @ PJ McIntyre’s, 26th – Sully’s Irish Pub

Hooley House
5th – Nick Zuber patio 5:00 / Collage, 12th – School Girl Crush, 19th – Matt Johnson Piano Fiasco, 20th – 1/2 Way to St Patrick’s Day Party, 26th – Abbey Normal. All starts @9:30. Live Music on the Patio Every Friday, 5p.m.! Tues: Open Mic w Nick Zuber, Every Wednesday – Trivia Night. 7861 Reynolds Rd Mentor www.1funpub.com (440) 942-6611.

Olmsted Twp
West Side Irish American Club
Great food & live music in The Pub every Friday. 7th – Annual Clambake, 18th – Monthly Meeting. WSIA Club 8559 Jennings Rd. 44138 www.wsia-club.org. 440-235-5868.

Hooley House
5th – Velvet Shake, 12th – Usual Suspects, 19th – Matt Johnson Piano Fiasco, 20th – 1/2 Way to St Patrick’s Day Party, 26th – Charlie in the Box. Live Music on the Patio Every Friday, 5p.m.! 24940 Sperry Dr Westlake 44145. 
(440) 835-2890

5th – Jam Sammich, 6th – Kevin McCarthy, 12th – Eric Butler, 20th – Dan McCoy, 26th – Brendan Burt Band, 27th – Mossy Moran. Wed: Karaoke, Thurs: Ladies Night w/ D.J. 4110 Erie Street www.mullarkeys.com

Shamrock Club Events
5th – the Hooligan’s, 6th – Quiz Night; 13th – Mad Maudlin. Happy Hour every Friday from 5-7pm! 60 W. Castle Rd. Columbus 43207 614-491-4449 www.shamrockclubofcolumbus.com

Tara Hall
Traditional Irish music w General Guinness Band & Friends 2nd Friday 8:00 – 11:00pm. No Cover. Tara Hall 274 E. Innis Ave. Columbus, 43207 614.444.5949.

Drake’s Landing Banquet Center
29th – Neil Byrne and Ryan Kelly (of Celtic Thunder). 2177 W. Western Reserve Rd. Canfield, OH 44406. http://byrneandkelly.com http://drakeslandingbc.com/events.html. Proceeds to Mahoning Valley Ulster Project. Special raffle in memory of Celtic Thunder’s George Donaldson to support his daughter’s education fund.

Drake’s Landing Banquet Center 29th – Neil Byrne and Ryan Kelly (of Celtic Thunde

Drake’s Landing Banquet Center
29th – Neil Byrne and Ryan Kelly (of Celtic Thunde

Ongoing Traditional Irish Sessiúns – Bring your instruments and play along!
• Akron Hibernian’s Ceili Band Sessions, Wednesdays 7:30 pm. Mark Heffernan Div 2 Hall 2000 Brown St, Akron 330-724-2083. Beginner to intermediate
• Croagh Patrick’s – 2nd Tuesday of every month 8 – 10pm
• Bardic Circle @The Shamrock Club of Columbus Beginner – friendly, intermediate level Irish session meeting every other Thursdays 8:00 pm – 11:00 pm
• Irish Eyes Heavenly Pub, 1st Wednesday of month. 3324 Secor Rd, Toledo
Stone Mad – 1st Sunday of the month Holleran Traditional Irish Session, 7pm
• Plank Road – Every Thursday 7 – 10. All ages and experience welcome. 16719 Detroit Road, Lakewood, 44107
• The Harp – 1st Friday of every month, 9pm
• Logan’s Irish Pub – 3rd Wednesday of the month, 414 S. Main St., Findlay, 7:30 pm
• Oberlin’s Traditional Irish Session – 2nd Monday of the month 7 – 9 Slow Train Café, 55 East College St., Oberlin. Informal all experience welcome: www.oberlin.net/~irishsession
• Claddagh Irish Pub – Sundays 6:00pm-9:00pm. All experience levels welcome
o 585 S. Front St. Columbus, Ohio 43215
• Tara Hall -Traditional Irish music w General Guinness Band & Friends 2nd Friday 8:00 – 11:00pm. 274 E. Innis Ave. Columbus, 43207 614.444.5949.

Issue #93; September 2014, featuring The Queen, and The High Kings

Issue #93; September 2014, featuring The Queen, and The High Kings

“Follow me where I go, what I do and who I know;

Get up; Show up; Lift Up

One Salad:

August 30th, 2014

Editor’s Corner

One Salad …

We are many nations, but a description that sticks in my head is the U.S. is a salad bowl. For good health, lots of multi colored ingredients are mixed together, dressed in choice of different flavors. Add some nuts, or some flakes, a mustard seed, music for the taste buds … they all make for a great way to fuel the body and the mind of a person, or a country.

I think, when something bad happens, Like Ariel Castro, or 9-11, those pieces parts fall down the list of our priorities; they don’t matter. We become one: we unite to fight, or to celebrate.

Unfortunately, that One voice; One message seems to wear off, and we cheaply, sometimes anonymously, take a pot shot at our countrymen for no reason other than to try to make ourselves feel superior; Did it work? A land of immigrants should be wise to the trials of their fathers, and not exact those same hatreds on the fathers to be, or their children.

On the day after a beach wedding, I returned, for the sun and scenery. I was part of that salad bowl of America: Hispanics, African-Americans, Caucasians sat side-by-side and no one cared. We were working on tans, or burns, or just enjoying what has been a spectacular summer, appreciated more for the long cold winter in the rear view mirror. When a child got in trouble, we all jumped in the water.

A bright yellow inner tube drifted with the tide. Too late, a child saw the drifting with the tide; brother and sister went after it, using a brown inner tube to steady them. 300 yards out, they realized the push of wind and tide were faster, they would never catch the tube, and they let it go. They turned, to return, to the beach.

50 yards onward, the sister realized her brother, pushing her back to shore, was in trouble. She waved, she yelled, and suddenly, a peaceful, sunning beach, was galvanized. First her father went in, but he could not swim. He shouted, another relative went in, with another floatation device, for the father. He could not swim either.

Then, another man burst across the sand. With a long graceful leap, he dived across, and then into the water. He swam out. With power, the man quickly reached the panicked boy and girl. Reassurance in strength and skill, he calmed both siblings. The three made their way back on the legs of the one who could swim. By the time they got back to shore, the Sheriff’s, Police and Rescue units were all on scene; secure everyone was ok

                  Live a life less ordinary;
Live a life extraordinary,
With me
Live a life less sedentary;
Live a life evolutionary,
With me
- Life Less Ordinary, Carbon Leaf

People are sometimes surprised when they see a newspaper column of someone winning an award or recognition, for a service or achievement, above and beyond living. Perhaps we didn’t even know about that portion of someone’s life, a defining part of their life.

What we know, how much we know, of someone, is only a window view into a life; a trailer in a movie, not the full movie. It is someone’s perception of the highlights, maybe all of them. Or there may be more dramas, more excitement, more surprises, yet to come.

We all know we should never judge a movie from a clip, nor can we judge a life from the window seat. It is enticing, but it is not the full Monty. We don’t know their joys, their sorrows; their trials and their triumphs. We sit at the window, looking in, but we don’t see past the walls.

Be kinder than necessary, for someone is always fighting a battle unseen, in its fierceness, or effect. There is a difference between being nice, and being good. Be good. Want to figure out what to do with your life? Be something beautiful for God. That’s it. It is that simple.

If you don’t believe in God, you lose nothing by being good, but gain respect, both spiritual and in the eyes of other men, by doing good for others when there is no perceived reward for yourself. The greatness of a man can nearly always be measured by his willingness to be kind. That only leads to more open doors, more rewards. Be leaven for the world; plant seeds and nurture the flowers – what a wonderful world it would be.

Friendships break down; even tragedies break down, the self-imposed barriers between people. No one is born knowing how to hate. They learn it. They can unlearn it too. It is easier to act your way into a new way of thinking than to think your way into a new way of acting; work and action; matter and form.

If you aren’t the lead dog, the scenery never changes. So the learned hate, doesn’t get unlearned, it is passed on to the next generation. Kids are our future and our legacy. What’s it gonna be? Gonna lead?


Get Up; Show Up; Lift Up

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20 things to do this weekend:

August 30th, 2014

20 things to do this weekend
from your Ohio Irish American News:

Saturday 8/30

GAA Sr. Football Semi-Final Replay: Mayo vs Kerry 12:00 Pj McIntyre’s Live from Ireland
Pigs&Whiskey at Visit Downtown Willoughby
Cleveland Rovers Impett Park 1pm
NancyCorriganExhibitOpens International Women’s Air & Space Museum 7:30pm
Brent Kirby The Harp
AlexKates Flannery’s Pub
The New Barleycorn PJ McIntyres Irish Pub
CocktailJohnny The Hooley House – Westlake
DonegalDoggs John Mullarkey’s
GreekFest Kamm’s Live

Sunday 8/31

GAA All-Ireland Live from Ireland: Minor Football Semi Donegal vs Dublin 8:30 am / Sr Football Donegal Vs Dublin 10:30 am @PJMcIntyres
Pigs&Whiskey at Visit Downtown Willoughby
SinNite West Park Station
The Portersharks Carney’s Bar
JeffVarga Stampers Bar
GreekFest @Kamm’s Corner

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Got Irish? Wanna Learn?

August 30th, 2014

Got Irish? Want to learn? See the flyer below, register via email and Send a check to us at the Ohio Irish American News, 14615 Triskett Road Cleveland, OH 44111-3123 We will register those who have paid until the class is full.
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Got Irish?  Wanna learn?

Got Irish? Wanna learn?

Out of the Mailbag: Marys Lane A story from this month’s issue of the Ohio Irish American News

August 26th, 2014

Out of the Mailbag, Comes Songs & Stories
By John O’Brien, Jr.

Marys Lane, See You Next Time, 2014 11 Tracks, 43 minutes
Guests: Brent Hopper, Brian Bigley

Celtic rock – hard to define, hard to resist, much like Marys Lane. “Marys Lane” is a place, way back in the old country, not owned by Mary, at least not any more. The band Marys Lane is rock, and reel, but most of all, the good times roll. Their Cleveland Rock roots are evident, but they are knee deep in the ghosts of Ireland – not maudlin mind you, but in the typical Kitchen Party made so famous by the Irish – everyone comes, everyone joins in, one way or another, and everyone leaves wishing the night would never end.

Marys Lane

Marys Lane

Their newest release is See You Next Time. Given the prolific playing schedule of Marys Lane, it won’t be long, till next time, is tonight. The guys were all musicians, and got together one day at Cleveland Irish Cultural Festival; “Hey, we should start a band?”. One year later, they met again, and realized waiting was no longer an option. They have been full steam ahead ever since, playing festivals and gigs in an ever-widening circle testament to their skill, their fun, and the passionate following their performances and personalities provoke.

Marys Lane is Michael Crawley: Vocals, Guitar; Patrick Mulloy: Vocals, Guitar; Matthew Sofranko: Bass guitar, vocals; Mark Whalen: drums; Paul Kirk: fiddle.

Mailbag Marys Lane

1. Slowpoke – a tease of an intro, soft and subtle, gives way to the trademark, “Let it Rip” sound of Marys Lane in I got a Letter Today,
2. I Got a Letter Today – We all hear the wisdom – stick to the plan, go to college. Sometimes, it’s not enough.
3. Robin Hood of Collinwood (Danny Greene Ballad) – Danny Greene is a local legend, whose story went front page in the bombings that shook the Collinwood neighborhoods as he fought for control of Cleveland’s gangster streets circa 1977. Greene challenged the mafia head on, and survived four assassination attempts, brazenly. He gave to the neighborhood, and protected it fiercely.
Lyndhurst Police Chief Rick Porello wrote his story, ‘To Kill the Irishman: The War that Crippled the Mafia” that explained how bombs in Cleveland caused explosions across the US. For the first time in US history, Omerta was violated and the Mafia’s code of silence was broken. Convictions across the country became a model and an end. The movie, “Kill the Irishman”, starred Ray Stevenson, Christopher Walken, Vincent D’onofrio and Val Kilmer.
4. Picture of Jesus – “This isn’t something that one Sunday can fix”. Regret, and wondering why, one little mistake, and ripples, why?
5. Sway – the song’s melody causes the sway, love of the next meeting, with a drink in your hand, when will we meet again? Classic merge of country and rock, with a little Americana thrown in to balance it all out.
6. Wrecking Ball with No Clue – One of my favorites, trying to win back the girl, and not knowing how; we’re a Wrecking Ball, despite best intentions. Another song that brings to mind a packed dance floor at PJ McIntyre’s, arms in the air at Avenue Tap House and a sweaty, pulsing, laughing, loving it, crowd at Cleveland Irish Cultural Festival.
7. The Tangie – Instrumental, The Tangie is a different kind of dance, starts quick and goes quicker, leaving nothing but spent breathes in its wake.
8. See You Next Time – The title track, “… take me to where the beaches are gold and the sheep guard the sea …” Going Home, the craic and the cousins, this may be Marys Lane most recognized song, full of joy and longing, home like only the Irish treasure it.
9. West Side IA – The West Side Irish American Club is home base for most of the Irish who came to Cleveland; 475,00 of their descendants and new immigrants are now in Greater Cleveland. The WSIA was first at West 65th, then at West 93rd and now, at it’s home since 1990, in Olmsted Township on 38 gorgeous acres. “Songs they wrote as they braved the boat” … Lovers met, wedding receptions, baby showers and baptisms, generations follow and home across the ocean becomes a two way street. West Side IA captures the essence of the 1st Generation.
10. Pretty Little Song – “I wonder when I’ll get my piece of the pie…” A little love, a little longing and waiting, anticipation, for you, with head held high. It’s a proud song, a bit of defiance, but not without hope.
11. Sweet Mary – A bit more bittersweet “do you remember the first time I asked you to dance, tho I didn’t have a chance … Take me back….”. We all wish we could fix the big wrong, have another chance for the missed “one”. It’s harder when they are still in sight. We can’t go back, we can’t stop wishing we could.

See You Next Time is a fun, rollicking ballad from start to finish. It is Irish life, with musical interludes, emigration, the auld sod, making your way to a better world, and the hills you have to climb to get to, where ever you are. The typical Irish American Story, sung well, played well, and with an unmistakable life loving style that is so typical of our story, with the style that is all Marys Lane. See You Next Time is a Top Shelf Selection.

Ohio irish American News, August 2014

Ohio irish American News, August 2014

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